Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hemet Quilt Show 2013…continued…

Now…where was I?  Ahhh..yes, the Hemet Quilt Show!!  I believe I was going to start off by showing you some of the spectacular quilts at this show!  They were amazing! 

There were a ton of them and I didn’t take pictures of ALL of them…just the ones that I liked and believe me, there were lots of those!   So you better re-fill that coffee mug and settle back!  This is one prolific Quilting Guild!

I’m starting off with this quilt as it was clearly made for a child…it’s a Cranapple Hill design, called Snowmen A-Z and is usually done in one colour way… red or blue.  It was nice to see it done in a totally different scheme…fit for a child to love and cherish! (it was folded and hung over something so this is not a great picture but you get the idea.)

P1220271 - Copy

Anything with a gingerbread man ALWAYS catches my attention!

P1220275 - Copy

This was a very sweet wool applique onto cotton.  Just lovely and the judges agreed!

P1220276 - CopyP1220277 - Copy

This one is worthy of some close-ups!

P1220279 - CopyP1220280 - Copy

Yowzers!  Magnificent doesn’t do this one justice!

P1220281 - Copy

Loved this scrappy pineapple quilt!

P1220282 - Copy

A sweet signature  quilt…

P1220283 - Copy

This one was a jaw dropper too!

P1220284 - Copy

Loved this small Kim Diehl Quilt…beautifully done!

P1220285 - CopyP1220286 - Copy

I haven’t seen this one before…check out the centre snowman with the bandaids on his nose!!

P1220287 - Copy

Just feast your eyes on this wee small Sun Bonnet Sue quilt…see the clothes peg for a scale reference…those blocks were SMALL!

P1220288 - Copy

I LOVED this one…so simple and elegant!!

P1220289 - Copy

And read how it was made!  How cool is that!!

P1220291 - Copy

Here’s a close-up…lovely quilting too!

P1220292 - Copy

A lovely sampler…

P1220293 - Copy

This small long narrow quilt was exquisite!  The pattern was taken from a Japanese magazine.

P1220294 - CopyP1220295 - Copy

An Edyta Sitar Quilt from ‘Laundry Basket Quilts’!  So nice to get up close and personal to one of her quilts!!  Took my breath away!

P1220297 - Copy

Another beauty!


Ahhh beautiful baskets…but it was the border on this one that I loved!!  I took a close-up of it but it was too blurry to show!!  I hope you can see what the quilter did..she used the vine to divide the colour ways…and it just popped this whole quilt!


Throughout the quilts were little displays of antique quilts…this old Dresden Quilt was cut up (yikes!) and then covered this dressmaker’s form!  I guess if your quilt is full of holes this would be a great way to selvage the good pieces!


Here’s a better shot of the actual quilt…


And look at this doll made from an old double wedding quilt…sweet way to selvage grandma’s quilt!


I will stop here…my computer will explode if I try to post anymore!  So be patient… you will have to wait till tomorrow for the rest!  Can you stand it??

I hope you are enjoying the show as much as we did!  Because we drove ourselves this year, we were able to wonder around the quilts and take the time to REALLY enjoy and appreciate them!

Same time tomorrow??  See you then!
Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Lots of wonderful quilts and I do love the japanese quilt.


  2. All wonderful. But I do think that Japanese quilt pulled me in for a closeup. Can't wait til tomorrow!

  3. I love it that you take us along..Can't wait to see the rest tomorrow.

  4. WOW! The quilts in this show absolutely take my breath away. So beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing and I too, will be back tomorrow for more. Hugs...

  5. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Lots of beautiful creations there. I really like the blue bunny!

  6. Love your pictures! I'm with Jacqueline - thanks so much for taking us along to the show! Can't wait until tomorrow....!

  7. Girl, you get around! Beautiful quilts. The one quilt with Mr. and Mrs. Santa embroideries.....looks like old timey designs. Nice. Some beautiful applique quilts. And a wonderful wool on cotton one.