Monday, February 4, 2013

Pineapple Delight…

Last year, towards the end of our holiday, Gwen was working on this sweet wool/cotton Pineapple Delight!  She found the pattern in a magazine and just HAD to make it!  During the Spring Fling Shop Hop Gwen slowly collected these wonderful Pumpkin Patch Flannels…


This is how the quilt looked at our last Clubhouse meeting in March 2012…petty, isn’t it!!


Well…Gwen took it home and worked on it…and just LOOK at it NOW!!  I know the picture is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea!


Check out the BIG stitch quilting and the gorgeous embroidery work that sends this quilt to the Moon and back!!


Yup…it’s a beauty and is going to be a nice addition to Gwen’s home…maybe she will hang it in her foyer as the Pineapple IS the symbol for WELCOME…and what a welcome any of her company will receive!!

Thanks for sharing, Gwen!!  It was well worth the wait!

SO what to do today??  Choices…choices…the Clubhouse is open today for QUILTING but there is also Beading in the Oasis Hall!!  Before I decide what to do…there is Yoga (I’ll do the laundry first) and later today there is the Quilters’ Barbecue!!  Sheesh…nothing like a relaxing holiday!:O)  The SUN is shining… LIFE is GOOD!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It really is a beauty!

    Choices, choices.....guess I'll go to work.

  2. I have ever quilted with anything but cotton. I have a question about wool quilting or flannel can these be mixed with cotton? I love the pictures of your wool and have done some Internet searches but have not found information on mixing the fabrics.

  3. Tell her she did a great job! So cute! Ther's nothing better than a quilt in those colors, but also in plaids! Love 'em!

  4. I have a question about the quilting and embroidery... do both go thru all 3 layers or does just the big stitch quilting go thru all 3 layers ? I would love to see the backside of this quilt. It is darling.....


  5. That is funny, I was just talking about that pineapple quilt, which is sitting in my UFO box, lol. I messed it up and thinking of just finishing it as is with a border, but love the way she did hers, need to find the magazine I was making it from and finish it.


  6. Pretty! I see that she used wool for the applique and the flannels for the base. There are some nice plaid flannels available. She made good choices.

  7. Gorgeous! Love seeing the projects!

  8. don't you find it challenging to be friends with such talented quilters!!! the pressure is on!!! Gwen's piece is wonderful and all the special touches really make it!

  9. Beautiful work - your hand stitching is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So pretty! Is the beige that has the big stitch/embroidery on it flannel too? Love it!

  11. Most definitely is gorgeous! I love pineapples. It sounds like you most likely had a very busy day yesterday!

  12. Great job Gwen! I love the embroidery in the border. It add that special little "touch".