Thursday, February 21, 2013

From Baskets to Basket Case!

On Tuesday our weather took a turn for the bad…windy and a lot cooler…so WE stayed in.  I hauled out this little unfinished corner that I bought at the Hemet boutique for $1.00…and started to PLAY!

P1220378 - Copy

Hmmm?  What to do with these sweet blocks…?  I took them apart and started to rearrange…

P1220379 - Copy

And of course I had a helper…  “Yup…this looks good..Now can we go to the Park?”

P1220382 - Copy

“Nope…not that comfortable…when does the batting go in?”

P1220384 - Copy

“While I’m down about a belly rub…Please, mom Pleeeeassssse?!”

P1220385 - Copy

“Here let me move this block over here…and then you can chase me!”

P1220386 - Copy

“Yup, looks good…I like this…NOW can we go??”


And this is what WE settled with…all stitched and starched and ironed…and ready for a walk!


Sure is great to have a little helper…isn’t it?  Yup…she turned me into a Basket Case…which is what I ended up calling this quilt!

I must say…I’m really liking the Basket Case and so does Rylie…or she will, once the batting is inside!

Have a Thrifty Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love it!! You did a terrific job and it is so cute!

  2. And Rylie wants HEAVY batting so she sink in easier..LOL

    Do you have a designated sewing space in your RV?

  3. What a terrific "save". Bet the maker of those adorable blocks would be sorry she sold that if she could see what you have made with them. You are so clever!!

  4. That is awesome! Recycling at it's best. You did a wonderful job!

  5. Yes, you did an excellent job. It looks like it was always meant to be that way! And I always love baskets. :)

  6. Oh, I love it, Paulette. I clapping hard for Rylie - she worked hard. LOL

  7. Very cute, Paulette. You and Rylie really make a great quilting team. Keep up the good work.

  8. Those are wonderful baskets and I see you have a wonderful helper, lol.


  9. You did a lovely job reconstructing the quilt. Are you going to hand quilt it with perle cotton?

    Maybe you can add the left over blocks to the back for some back art.

  10. Very nice! What a great challenge and so rewarding too!

  11. you must be channeling Robin...she takes stuff and rearranges them and makes them better...absolutely adorable baskets! you area great search and rescue volunteer!

  12. Adorable! Exactly why I can't put blocks on the floor...both Charlie and Lola like to "claim" them. Cute quilt!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  13. As usual . . . . GORGEOUS!!!! And I love that little helper, too. :)

  14. Great job. Love your helper (I have 4 helpers!). Thanks for the great tips on buying wool (Holly Hock Hill!

  15. Love the basket quilt- I can't believe you spotted that for just a $1.00. It's adorable and so is your ittle helper!:)

  16. What a great find! How fun to score on those baskets. I think you did good... and your helper was pretty happy about it too!