Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Painted Lady Quilt Shop….

Last year one of my favourite Quilting shops to visit was the Calico Horse in Redlands, CA…about a 35 minute drive from The Sands RV Resort.  Ah yes…I have fond memories of the Calico Horse…tons of Civil War and Wool, lovely patterns and gorgeous displays…and SALES every Friday!!  Yes, we talk about those sales at the Clubhouse on a regular basis….

Since then, Calico Horse has closed and The Painted Lady has taken it’s place!  I have been dying to go!
So when hubby announced that he needed something from Camping World in Redlands, I thought that HERE was my chance!!  Camping World and the Painted Lady Quilt Shop are only minutes apart…

So here I am…in front of the Painted Lady…


Can you guess what day it is??  Yup, it was a Monday!!  A MONDAY!!What store EVER closes on a MONDAY??  I can (sort of) understand closing on a Sunday…but MONDAY??


Here’s my photo of the inside of The Painted Lady…


Sure hope I didn’t slob on the window too much…

That was over a month ago…and I still haven’t been back…only because the planets haven’t lined up just right! 

The Spring Fling Shop Hop is at the end of February and she is on the list…so we will be hitting this shop for sure!!  Stay tuned…!

Hey, I’m talking SHOPPING…I must be feeling better…a lot better!  Let the good times roll….

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Awww... Doors that won't open sure are a pain in the beehind! As soon as this snow melts, I'm going to find a quilt shop to visit! lol!

  2. Quilt shops and motorcycle shops, they are both closed on Monday's.
    I guess they all deserve 2 days off as well, so I just don't go anywhere on Monday's anymore.

  3. So glad you are feeling better! Yipee!

    Cheery wave!


  4. Some privately owned shopped here in the US are closed on Mondays. That way the owner can be off two days. I'd guess she doesn't have enough staff to not work on Monday's herself. You see it frequently with hair salons here. When we go on vacation in the mountains we run into restaurants that aren't open on Monday. Glad you didn't make the long drive for only the quilt shop!

  5. How disappointing. Why would a quilt shop be closed on Monday. Too much business, I guess. I'm on my way to Satin Moon/Quilted Garden today with a friend from Vancouver. Also plan to check out Buttons and Needlework. Glad you're feeling better, and a good old fashioned shopping trip is sure to have your energy level up in no time.

  6. It is actually a common practice in America, when a shop is owned by someone and they run it by themselves or have only 1 or 2 employees, in order to have a day off, they will close on Monday since the weekends are so busy. I once had a job and I had Sunday and Mondays off, and all the neat little stores I wanted to go to were closed both those days! LOL

  7. We have a couple of shops in the area that are closed on Mondays. I'm sorry you were disappointed but you'll have another chance very soon. woohoo!!!

    I hope you're feeling better!

  8. Don't you hate when that happens? LOL I hope you are able to visit the new shop soon and will share pictures with us.

  9. I always wonder why a shop is closed on a Monday. Lots of antique shops are closed on that day. Wonder how the shop owner came up with the name. Makes me think of a "lady of the night" as they were sometimes referred to as painted ladies.

  10. Glad you're feeling better. I cannot imagine how long your quilt shop bucket list is. Have fun!

  11. So happy to hear you are feeling better...we both had the bug too...for 15 days...but up and addum now!!

    To bad the shop was closed looks like you could have done some serious shopping!

    :) CArolyn

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  13. Paulette, I'm sitting here reading your post, peeking in the window with you as you photograph..and giggling.

    Giggling that you DID get some pics in. Oh, I love it!!! ROFLOL

  14. Having lived near a lirary that was closed Sunday and Monday, I can sort of relate to your dilemma. However, when my friend and I were on our road trip visiting quilt shops in California, we drove all the way over to a quilt store just outside San Francisco and it was closed. It was not, a Sunday, or a Monday. It was a Tuesday!! Who closes their store on a Tuesday? We were extremely disappointed.

  15. Bummer! That happened to me when Cheri Saffiote had her shop in the San Diego area. We were on vacation and hubby drove me all the way over there only to find an empty parking lot and lights OUT! I know the feeling you experienced!