Sunday, February 24, 2013


‘The Girls’ and I headed out the gates just after 8am yesterday for a little GSing…a bit late for me…but you have to go with the flow!  You know.. “when in Rome”…

And although I wouldn’t call the Garage Sales ‘HOT’ I did pick up some great buys…

My first good buy was this leaded glass lamp…very heavy and sturdy for $7!  Love it…and the colours are perfect!

For now it is going to sit on our table…and adds a nice warm glow to our eating area…very romantic, don’t you think!! 

lamp My other great find was this long…6’ quilt hanger!  I NEEDED one of these but they are expensive new.  For this size I think they are over $50…I got it for $10. 

quilt hanger

The lady who was selling it wanted $15 for it…when I asked if she was ‘FIRM’ on that price, she snorted and said she hasn’t been FIRM for many, many years…so we all had a chuckle…bonded a bit..and then came up with the $10 price!!  SCORE!!

I was happy with my finds…and so was hubby!  (When he saw the 6’ rails I said he should be lucky there wasn’t a cupboard or a long arm attached to it!!  Yup…he was a happy man!!)

Today is a day of REST…oh who am I kidding!  I have been doing so much running around lately that I have neglected my chores!!  Our 5th wheel is ready to explode with dirty laundry!!  It’s off to the laundromat for me!  Got to get ready for another week of adventures!  Not to mention… I do need clean undies for the Oscars tonight!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. the lamp is beautiful! too cold for garage sales season around here. and with all the purging packing and sorting going on around here I can't imagine going garage saling. But wait till I get settled!!!

  2. Lucky girl....isn't thrifting the most fun??? I'm sure that quilt hanger will get lots of use and the lamp is so pretty!

  3. Great finds and a quilt rail is always a needed item.
    I want Bill to make me some with skinny dowels, then I can just use a clothespin to hang them on.


  4. You always find the best stuff. The lamp is fantastic!

  5. I haven't been to a garage sale in years. Right now it is way too cold anyway. I do love seeing what great finds you come up with tho.

  6. You always have such good luck at the garage sales. That lamp is lovely. Hope you get your laundry done in time for the Oscars. I'm starting to watch at 2:30. Don't want to miss anything on the Red Carpet.

  7. It's always so fun when you find a good buy! Love the lamp!

  8. could just turn your undies inside out...LOL

  9. The lamp is just perfect for your space. Good score obit and the quilt hanger.

    Have you ever checked out Thousand Villages, they have three sizes of art hangers 8-12 dollars Canadian that very nice. A friend gave me the two smaller ones for Christmas last year. They would hand a 18 and 24 inch quilt nicely I'm guessing the large one would hang one about 36 inches, something to check out.

  10. The lamp is awesome. You are one lucky lady when it comes to sales.

  11. Gorgeous lamp at a terrific price.

  12. Sorry Paulette,

    The shop is actually called ten thousand villages.

  13. Sounds like a fun time!! Wish it were warm enough here to go to sales...that snow I mentioned is on it's way! LOL