Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Sands’ Quilt and Craft Show Continues…

On WITH THE SHOW…The Sands’ Quilt and Craft Show that is…

Yesterday we finished one side of the room, so now we are heading down the other side…I don’t want to miss anyone!

Up next is Calgary Judy…Judy is an incredible, very prolific quilter who turns out stunners on a regular basis…unfortunately she doesn’t like getting her picture taken…so I better be fast!!P1220407

Told you…gorgeous work…and tons of it!!  And her workmanship is stellar!  Sheer perfection!


Calgary Judy is currently working on this gorgeous red hexagon table topper…she took a class at Road to California and this was one of her projects.  Magnificent, isn’t it?!



Onto Anne’s section of the room…


Anne is another prolific quilter…lovely work!  Most of her work I have already shown you….but it is SEW worth a second look!


Anne finished her cone flowers  which she designed herself.  The stem and leaves are wool and the rest is cotton.  I hope you can see the wee seed beads in the middle of the flowers as they add a nice touch!


Do you remember the wool geraniums from last year…well she has it framed and it is just stunning!!  And she made this wool Christmas Wall hanging out of wool and cotton…very nice!


Throughout the whole show there were musicians playing and singing…providing a very festive backdrop to the event!


Onto Gwen and Seattle Judy’s section…


Seattle Judy finished her wool on cotton Sheep in the Willows quilt…LOVE IT!!  Judy did a wonderful job…now she is going to take it home for her friend, Kathy, to quilt!!  I hope she sends me pictures of the finished quilt!  (more on this quilt later!)


You may remember Judy sewing her little stars together last week…well now it’s finished!!  What a sweet table topper!


And the sweetest wool pumpkin mat…


And here is Judy’s Homespun Houses quilt…magnificent!!  I love this quilt!!


And here is her folded up Civil War Nine Patch (it’s huge!)…L*O*V*E this quilt top!


This is Roxanne’s long runner…it must be five or six feet long and it is STUNNING!!  Roxanne did a wonderful job…and I also love her Christmas table topper to the right…I took a close up of this quilt but it turned out blurry…darn!  It is so pretty and will look wonderful on any wall or table next Christmas!


Oh geeze…I better squeeze in the other Artists on the other side of the room…

More painting…lovely!!




Kelp and driftwood Art…interesting…


Wee kelp baskets…


Now back to the REAL show…haha…

Here’s Karen’s dish carrier.  We have a lot of dinners and pot lucks here at The Sands and you may need to take plates and cutlery to the clubhouse…while the rest of us use an old grocery bag, Karen will arrive in style!  Plates go inside and cutlery and napkins on the side!  Clever!


Here is Alice’s quilt that she whipped up last week…dang cute!!


Do you see how she made the flowers…overlapping circles!!  (Fire up that GO! ladies and crank out some circles!)  Very clever and sweet!


Here’s Pauline’s magnificent Waffle Quilt made out of batiks.  Isn’t it pretty!!

P1220434And there is my Autumn Quilt all snuggled up to it. 


Here are Pauline’s wonderful baby quilts…I apologize for these pictures!  I got so excited by how Pauline finished these quilts off that I didn’t take a full on shot!   BUT JUST LOOK at this quilting and the fuzzy stars and the minky like backing!!  Soft and extremely cozy!


Wonderful quilting and super soft flannel…perfect for a baby!




And I loved this bag also made by Pauline!


Yikes…I  cut off Phyllis’ lambs…made from wool and framed!  Good thing I have back-up pictures!!  :) Lovely!


Phyllis made this for a sweet baby gift!  Ahhhh…..


This is Gwen’s disappearing Nine Patch made out of yummy Rouenneries French General!!  Lovely…


BUT…look at the back!!  There is another quilt on the other side!!  This quilt is reversible!


And look at the quilting…stunning!!


So there you have it…that’s it folks…there ain’t no more!  Whew!!  That’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed The Sands’ Quilt and Craft Show as much as we did!!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You really have a wonderful group of quilters and artists, enjoyed seeing the photos of the show.


  2. A very talented group of people. Thanks for sharing
    Ann B

  3. Wonderfully talented quilters, you are certainly in good company. As always, I find Seattle Judy's quilts most appealing.

  4. Paulette!!! Your quilts are amazing!! Love the posts and congratulations to all on the birth of the upcoming first grandson!

  5. Lovely photos Paulette,

    Your Fall quilt is amazing, makes me want to make one, along with many other things.

    I have to admit that Anne's black and white flower quilt caught my interest. It is lovely, I wish I could see it in person, please off my congratulations to her with her sense of design.

  6. So much talent all in one place. the kelp baskets are unusual. Not something I would decorate with but I am sure it would be a welcome addition to someone who loves the ocean.
    The Christmas piece with the candy cane border caught my eye. I like the border and could be used on other style Christmas quilts just as well.

    Your fall quilt.....I love seeing it.

  7. Wonderful. Thank you for this lovely photos

  8. Love all the quilts and artists. The geranium was of particular interest. For a second, I thought it was mine. I too framed my geranium and the frame is almost identical. Lol love your blog too, your always so positive and fun.

  9. Thanks for the virtual quilt show. Wish I could have attended. I am a fellow Canadian travelling your direction, but not fast enough. I have been having my very own blog hop along the way, through Oklahoma, Texas Nd New has been fun to blog about it along the way for the friends back home. I am told there will be a quilt show when I am in Phoenix so if I am lucky I will get to attend. i envy you your little group. Such a talented bunch and you all seem to have so much fun!

  10. So many beautiful quilts! And I love your autumn quilt!
    Thanks for sharing!