Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Clubhouse Quilters are BUSY!!

Our spur of the moment Barbecue turned out to be a huge success…I have a feeling it will become an annual event!!  And it was SEW nice to meet everyone’s hubbies! 

Of course we put through the Hubbies to the test…as to whether they are ‘true’ quilter’s husbands’ when asked the following questions…What is a Fat Quarter? and What is ‘stitching in the ditch’?  Most looked like deer caught in the headlights…and of course there were some wise crack answers!  All in good fun…at their expense!!  :)


Last Wednesday, this group of talented quilters were hard at work ...I better show you the pictures before another Wednesday rolls around!! Sheeesh… Is it just me..or do the weeks just FLY by?

Here’s Gwen’s newly finished quilt…I think she said this is for her son…who went to Africa…or am I just making this up??


A sweet baby quilt…


I am going to remove the Newby title from Sandy’s name…she is officially a quilter…look at what she whipped up!  A little bit of everything on this cute Christmas quilt…even applique!!  I am impressed!


And a matching runner!!  There is NO stopping her now!!  She is looking for fabric to make a king size quilt!!  GO, Sandy, GO!


Oh my…how sweet is THIS!!  Phyliss is dabbling on the dark side…and loving it!!  And so am I!!  Gorgeous job!!  Another woolie is born!


One of our new quilters was patiently turning her quilt into chenille using this little gizmo!!  What a job but this quilt is going to be magnificent (and cozy!) when she is finished!


Siena is busy working on her Confetti Quilt…LOVE this quilt and LOVE her fabrics…*swoooooon*!



Anne is making this lovely wall hanging out of the Rouenneries Fabrics that were FREE at our last year’s Spring Fling Shop Hop!


Gwen is making a baby quilt for her FIRST grandchild!!  She is over the moon with excitement…as she should be!!  What a lucky baby…


Don’t you just love the Blankie pattern…?!


Heritage Judy is stitching her batik quilt together!!  This is going to be a masterpiece!!  WOW!


Seattle Judy is still plugging away at her gorgeous wee stars…oh man, I love her Civil War fabrics!


This stunning quilt was made by another new to the Park quilter…


VERY pretty with gorgeous quilting…P1220093


And just look at the BACK of the quilt…. Almost as nice as the front!!


And last but certainly not least is Kim’s one woman show!!  I swear this quilter DOES NOT sleep!!

Her blue batik is finished!!  Lovely!


A table topper for her son…


A runner guaranteed to brighten up any room!


And the best kind of runner…one made out of scraps from another project…it’s like..FREE!


Oh…and this quilt that she just whipped up on Wednesday…yup, this lady does not sleep!


Whew…so now I am all caught up!! 

Bring on Wednesday…I’m ready and waiting for another Clubhouse Quilting!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lots of eye candy from last Wednesday and a successful 'spur of the moment barbecue'. woohoo!!!

    Can't wait to see what the Clubhouse Quilters are up to tomorrow.

  2. Love Siena's Confetti quilt, and Seattle Judy's Kathy Tracy pattern is going to be gorgeous. I've made this little quilt and love it. Of course, it's those Civil War fabrics that appeal to me.

  3. So many wonderful quilts and so nice to get out with fellow quilters and share a fun day.


  4. Wow lovely work. I think I need to join the "Quilters who never sleep" club! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Looks like there's always something going on for you to enjoy!

  6. Wish I could join you...looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave!


  7. Oh my word, Paulette, I absolutely LOVE Siena's fabrics!! They're so wonderful!

  8. I love these posts...I always feel like the clubhouse quilters are my peeps!

  9. Love Sienna's fabrics for the confetti quilt...is it a specific line of fabric?

  10. I'll bet that Rick knew all of the right answers to those quilting questions. He's always full of wise answers! LOL Thanks for sharing all the colorful photos. Love them!

  11. Love your post - tell your friends - love their sharing!!! Inspiring.

  12. Lots of eye candy - gotta love that. I have that pattern for the baby quilt and am going to be making that one up myself. A day with kindred spirits is always a great day :).
    Hugs - Karen