Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monkeys Swinging on the Vines…

Now for those of you who think that ALL I do is shop…not true!  I do put some of my purchases to good use! :)  

Right now I am working on this sweet monkey quilt by Linda Kopp…(Patchwork Pottery Blog)…I bought this book years ago…knowing that someday I would make the Monkey Quilt featured in this book!  I love this quilt!!  Well….the time has finally come…a baby grandson is arriving in June (*happy dance*)…!!

monkey quilt

I have tweaked the pattern to suit my fabrics and to make the quilt a bit larger! My monkey is prepped…ready for applique…I want to hand stitch it but I also want it to be on securely so I will probably machine stitch it on. 


Here is the background topper…See the dark blue fabric…the writing printed onto the fabric is the ‘Five Little Monkey’ jingle…ahhhhhdorable!  MADE for this quilt!!


And in the evening…I have been hand appliqueing the vine, stars and leaves to the Home Spun Houses Quilt…Will I get it done by the Feb. 15th deadline?!


Vines are done!



Stars are done…


I am now working on the leaves…all one million of them!


So with only 12 days left looming…will construction be complete?  Would you believe that Forewoman Anne has got hers finished!!  Don’t you just hate it when your leader is SEW darn good!! 

Stay tuned….

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paulette....Can't wait to see the baby quilt look darling so far....
    Also.....I have to tell you....that I had to buy one of the quilt patterns that I saw in your blog pictures of the fat quarters shop yesterday.....and they also only charged 61 cents for shipping and handling....what a deal....thanks for all your shopping and pictures.....I hear some shops don't let people take pictures....they sure loose out....

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming sweet little bundle - a grandson :). That quilt is going to be adorable and made with love from you. I can't wait to know if I'm making a monkey baby quilt or dolly quilt lol. Have fun stitching - and now I have that little jingle in my head - "five little monkeys" lol.
    Hugs - karen

  3. Oh, cute monkey! That's going to be one sweet quilt.

    I have no doubt that you'll finish the leaves on the borders. :-)

    Busy needles in your corner of the world. :-)

  4. What a perfect grand baby quilt! Looks like you will have a lot of fun making it!

  5. Monkeys are one of my favorite things or should I say beings!

  6. That is such a cute quilt, I still need to decide what to make myself.


  7. Bummer you are getting spam on your comments, some people are such pains!
    2 little monkeys have been jumping on the bed at our house! I love having boys, but sure do see way more cute girl stuff, so glad you found something so fun. I love this quilt and cannot wait to see it finished, sew cute. I dont know if you can get Kaz Cookes book "Up the Duff" (see link here) in Canada, but honestly it is the BEST REAL guide to being a newly pregnant woman...especially when not so many of your friends have had babies...cos there is so much you dont realise you need to know AND having a laugh makes this great reading for expectant Dad to!

  8. That is going to be one cute baby quilt. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  9. Hey Paulette - I'm so happy you are making the monkey quilt! It was actually designed by my friend Laurraine of Patchwork Pottery. The name you mentioned is the author of the compilation book, but the pattern is Laurraine's. She's a member of the VMQG and lives over here in New West!