Thursday, February 7, 2013

My (New to Me) Favourite Notions…

You may remember that I won the Beam N Read Light over at Bejewelled Barb’s Blog in November….  SEW I’ve had about three months to put The Beam N Read Light to the test!  Thought you’d be interested in how it’s doing…


This light is FANTASTIC!!  LOVE* LOVE* LOVE IT!!  I refuse to do any kind of hand stitching without it!! 

I have always enjoyed doing hand work in the RV because there are four lights over the couch area…plenty of light…OR so I thought…until I flicked on the Beam N Read! It’s like flicking on the lights to a run way!  This light guides the needle to where it should go!! 

If you have ever worked with dark fabrics and applique, whether it be wool or cotton, you know how difficult it is to see where one fabric ends and the other begins.  The Beam N Read REALLY is the answer to this problem!  It lights up the area that you are going to sew and you can see the two fabrics clearly.  EUREKA!!


The Beam N Read is a MUST have and gets two thumbs UP from me!!  Can’t/Won’t sew without it…in fact…I accidently wore it to bed the other night…:0)

The other NEW to me notion is this Shape Cut Plus ruler by June Tailor!!  Another GREAT product!!  I have cut out two quilts with this ruler and it only took me a few minutes…You can cut out strips faster than it takes to get the GO! Fabric cutter out of the suitcase…and not a cm. of waste!

If you are going to buy one of these rulers then make sure to get the bigger size (12”x 18” or larger) and make sure that it has the 1/2” increments.  This way you just fold the fabric and cut your fabric lickety split without stopping!  BAM… done!  And your strips are accurate and even…without wobbles or curves or juts or jags…and in seconds!  Yes, I said SECONDS!


I love this ruler…Here is Siena showing us what this ruler can do…but it does WAY more than cut strips.  I cut out blocks yesterday simply by carefully turning the ruler…fast, easy and accurately!!


These rulers aren’t cheap BUT you lucky Americans have JoAnn’s and COUPONS!!  The rest of us can visit!:0)


This ruler is SEW good I would pay full price…and it would still be cheaper than buying one Strip Cutter die from AccuQuilt!  Check out the videos on YouTube promoting this ruler…it’s incredible what it can do!!

SEW there you have it!  Just spreading the word!!  What about YOU??…What ‘new to you’ notion do you love?…and can’t live without?

Have a thrifty Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I have the June Tailor Shape Cut and I love it. I also have a 6x24 ruler with the slots in it too.
    Shape cut is great for squaring up blocks and cutting blocks and strips (jelly rolls strips, binding strips, skinny sashing strips? You name it, it will cut it). I do find that my rotary cutter does damage to the plastic where you insert it into the slots, so with some find sand paper I just smooth the jags out. Only on the very beginning of the slot though.

  2. I've had a Beam N Read light for a year or so, and I say "Amen" to everything you said about it. I love, love, love it. AND it's very light weight and doesn't put strain on my neck. It truly is a winner.

  3. I had a Beam N Read several years ago and then dropped it. :-(

    Need to take a second look at the Shape Cut Plus.

    You're a plethora of information today. :-)

  4. I want the binder tool that Barb (Bejeweled by Barb) has on her blog today. I have it in my "in basket" at FQS to buy next time I submit an order.

  5. Well, Paulette, I wish I could say YOU were the notion I could not do without! Your blog inspires all, and makes our mornings - so yes, we can't do without you!BTW, yep, Shape ruler is awesome.

  6. I have been thinking about getting the beam and read for a while now. I guess I need to just do it!

  7. good to hear about the beam n read again ... i have a lighted magnifying glass to peer through while it's hanging aroung my neck. impossible to see through it and work at the same time.

  8. I never thought about using the ruler for block cutting, would be nice when doing a lot at once.


  9. Estava no mesmo sorteio quando você ganhou.Procurei e achei tachas são muito caras para o Brasil.Continuo de olho nas lojas,assim que chegar por aqui...Eu uso um led para máquina de costura.Quebra-galho apenas.Beijos e Bençãos.

  10. I have both of these gadgets...have never used the ruler! I will try it soon now that I know what to do with it! I love my neck light as well. Mine only has three lights...wish I had the bigger model! Thanks for a great post!

  11. Great reviews. I really need one of those magnifiers!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a wonderful Friday,

  12. I used to live in the States...just love those coupons from JoAnn AC Moore you name it ... I'm not picky :)
    Back here (Europe) it's about 25$ a yard I miss those coupons !!!!!
    Lalely I just love the circle template that I discovered on Primitive Gathering at Christmas and I just tried Back-stitching applique that change my quilter life: no more papercut, iron, it!

  13. Thanks to your recommendation, I got the Beam and Read and also LOVE it. I was going to buy a new floor OTT lamp to leave at daughter's house, but this was a whole lot cheaper and works just as well. Thanks for saving my wallet!