Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hemet’s Quilt Show 2013

Yesterday, Sandy and I hit the California freeways and headed for the hills…literally!  Yup…over the hills and far away to a place called Hemet for their annual Quilt Show!


For the last few years my hubby has chauffeured me to this show…and you know how that goes.  You rush around like a chicken with your head cut off…running from booth to booth, quilt to quilt…while your husband waits at the local coffee shop or outside the venue.   So this year I decided that I could drive myself!  If you are a regular reader, then you KNOW how much I fear the California FREEWAYS…I am after all a country girl. 

Sandy and I hit the road early…Thelma and Louise style…OK so were in a truck instead of a snazzy  convertible…but we got there in one piece and yes, we drove in the slow lane and didn’t budge…but we still had a blast!  When I asked Sandy what the speed limit was on the Freeway, her reply was FAST…REALLY FAST!

We got to the show earlier than posted but they were already letting quilters into the show! These lovely ladies manned the door to the ‘Boutique’…the place where the second hand quilting treasures were sold!  They didn’t let any riff-raff in…so we just got in by the skin of our teeth!  Man, I love this show!


There were tons of quilters…and tons of ‘stuff’!


Tables heaped with fabric…


Hard to see with so many backsides…but this was the pattern table.


And here is Sandy at the till  with her THIRD helping of stuff…YES, we went back to the Boutique THREE times!!  Yeeehaw!


One of the first booths that we went to in the main building was ‘Simply Put Plus’ Booth!!  This is Laural Lane designer of all Simply Put Plus Patterns!  LOVE HER PATTERNS!!


Now if you own this Primitive Quilts magazine then you OWN one of Laural’s patterns already!  She designed and made the quilt on the cover…a personal favourite of mine!  Told you she was talented!!


While I was chit chatting with Laural, along came Cindy!  Cindy is a blog follower who wrote to me on Thursday asking if I was going to this years’ Hemet Show!  Of course I’ll see you there!!  And of course…there she was!!  That’s the nice thing about a small town Quilt Show…you can actually see and visit with the people around you!


It was a thrill to meet both Laural and Cindy!!  Such nice ladies!

It wasn’t long before I spotted this sweet homespun/wool snowman mat…when I asked Laural where I could find the pattern, she informed me that it was a FREE Pattern on her blog!!  Eureka! Don’t you just LOVE this show!!


See… you get to print off this sweet pattern compliments of Laural!!  You can find her  FREE PATTERN HERE!  I have also signed up to follow Laural’s blog as it looks wonderful and it will be nice to keep track of her newest creations! (More on Laural at a later date!!)

Sandy bought the magazine cover kit from her and I also bought this kit!  Dang cute!  And VERY reasonable!


Yikes, I have a pancake breakfast to go to…and then Thelma and Louise…and maybe Jennifer (if she can get her butt out of bed)… will be hitting the roads to do a little Palm Springs’ Garage Saling!  Will the adventures NEVER end!! haha

More tomorrow on the Hemet Show!!  Before I go I HAVE to show you this picture…


…because really…it’s all about the LOOT!!  Open-mouthed smileRolling on the floor laughing

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Looks like a fun show to go to and I love the idea of a stash booth, we do have one that does that, but I never make it on the first day.


  2. Oooohhh! Looks like you guys really had a great day. Every year at our little quilt show we have a booth just filled with incomplete projects that others have given up on for others to buy and finish. Always a popular booth.

  3. The Hemit show has always been one of very favorites. Before I retired as 1/2 of Two Wacky Women, we were vendors at the show and it was the best. The members are so friendly and supportive. I miss it. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories.

  4. Oh I have seen that site...we have even loaded stuff in the back of Sandy's pickup bed, lol. I already had on list to make the quilt on the front of that issue of Primitive...which there were more than 24 hrs in a day!!! looks like you had loads of fun!

  5. And what GOOD LOOT it is!!!! Love that red gingham check roll of "whatever"

  6. Since moving here to Yucaipa from San Diego, I seriously thought my quilt fabric shopping days were over. I have found only one shop in Calimesa called Busy Bee. I still so miss Rosies down in the San Diego area. Anyway, I have discovered your blog again and have been amazed at what all I have missed in my area!!! I have some serious catching up to do. Thanks from me, but not the hubs;-) He remarked that one can assume that my fabric diet is over..hehe.

    Have fun garage saling in PS...lots of cool stuff to be found.

    blessings, jilly

  7. Looks like you had a great time at the show Paulette. Thanks for sharing, it is lovely and sunny here on the west coast today. Snowdrops and crocuses are blooming now!

    Enjoy the warmth of the desert sun.

  8. My daughter went to the quilt show and enjoyed it.It's been a couple years since I have gone there.What fun you had!

  9. My Aunt Jean lives in Hemet - so I looked closely thru your photos today to see if I could see her at the show. Looks like you had fun!
    Connie in PA

  10. Loot? It looks like you robbed a quilt shop!! Got to love a bargin and sounds like you had loads of fun.

  11. Oh you make me smile! Your loot sure looks very interesting. How exciting that you met the cover quilt exciting! I have that issue! Congrats on handling the driving so well and sharing the quilting adventure with us!

  12. I wanna go shopping with you. I can't believe the vendors you find. And look at that loot..Wow....
    Thanks for the link to Laurel's blog.

  13. You are the blogger Queen! Thanks for posting so many photos of the Hemet Show. My friend Laurel is so sweet and it was fun to see her featured on your post. She's so creative and is getting more of her designs out to a larger crowd. Thanks again!!!