Monday, February 25, 2013

‘Simply Put’ She is the BEST!

Let’s talk quilts…small, wee, dang cute quilts!

Let’s go back to my first ‘written’ history…2010.  I know that’s only three years ago but that’s when I started to write this blog.  So in January 2010 I took YOU to the Quilter’s Coop for the first time!  I had been to the Coop on two previous years…I just didn’t take you or my camera! 

So while at the Coop I noticed this wonderful display of wee quilts…a lot were in frames and some were quilted mats and runners…all were incredibly sweet!


Some had inspirational sayings, poems or verses…


I bought several…they were by ‘Simply Put’ and I was told a local quilter designed them.  Each year, I would visit the Coop and see what ‘Simply Put’ had designed for that year…


In 2011 more wee quilts had been added…


Well you get the idea…slowly ‘Simply Put’ patterns multiplied!  Unfortunately the Quilter’s Coop closed it’s doors just before Christmas 2012…

So imagine my surprise when I saw the ‘Simply Put Plus’ booth at the Hemet Quilt Show this year!!  My first thought was..YAY…she lives and continues to crank out these wonderful patterns!!

In fact, Laural the creator behind ‘Simply Put’ has hit the big time…one of her quilts is gracing the cover of Primitive Quilts Magazine…and is of course, one of my all time PG favourites!  It didn’t twig that this quilt was a ‘Simply Put’ pattern!!P1220264

It was a real thrill to meet Laural and to see all of her creations in one place…and it was wonderful to see that she has branched out on her own…she now has an ONLINE Shop and she has a booth in all Quilt Shows in the area!


I didn’t take any pictures of Laural’s booth but that’s alright because Laural did!!  Yes, Laural has her own BLOG…you can read about  and FOLLOW her blog HERE!!  (she is also working on a free pattern for US…so exciting!!)  This is a free pattern that she has already gifted!!


Yup…this sweet mat is FREE!!  If you missed getting this pattern then go HERE!!

As I was wandering throughout the Hemet Show I came across this stunning quilt!  L*O*V*E*D it!! 


And it had the sweetest verse going around the church…



Yup, you guessed it…made and designed by none other than Laural Arestad of ‘Simply Put Designs’…and the pattern for this quilt is FOR SALE!!


We have GOT to keep an eye on this designer…she is going places!  You might just want to take your coffee over to Laural’s Online Store… ‘Simply Put Plus’ but be warned…there are lots of goodies to be bought…things that you may not be able to resist!!  Just remember…I warned you!!

Oh…and I forgot to mention…Laural is SEW incredibly nice!!  It’s no wonder that she thinks up these sweet little saying on all her stitcheries!  That’s just the way she is! 

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. so much fun on the blog today! Thank you for the heads up on another place that I will be able to support the economy???!!! yikes

  2. I have to stop looking at all the beautiful quilts and pattern you and Anna keep showing me, lol.


  3. Laurel's designs are wonderful.... so sweet!

  4. What a great postI loved seeing all those wonderful pictures of fabulous quilties! And it is so nice to meet Laurel!...yes, I have book marked her web page. I have that issue and have the spool quilt on my to do list. Thanks for always sharing such great stuff!

  5. Must say I enjoyed your post today! As you know I am from this area and until you pointed her out, I didn't know she was the one that had all the cute things at the Coop. I had already gotten her little free mat. Now I have to go back into all my UFO's from the Coop and see if I have any others of hers. I also chatted with her and YES she is so sweet. Have a nice eve.

  6. She is a wonderful designer. So sad that another quilt shop has closed. Lots of them going away. Poo!

  7. What a wonderful blog post. I know my friend Laurel appreciates all that you have said. She has a head filled with ideas and its fascinating seeing those ideas come alive into a wonderful design. Hopefully someday I'll meet you in person!

  8. Dear Paulette, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to you for posting such lovely comments about me and my pattern line. I will work tirelessly to keep the designs coming in fact the next freebie is ready this week. Thank you so much, Laural

  9. Thanks for sharing her Blog link with us. LOVE the little stitcheries and Primitive quilts magazine.