Saturday, December 15, 2012

Won’t YOU Be My Neighbour?

Yahoo…construction is finally FINISHED on my Homespun Houses!!  Yup, here’s House Number 11~

It’s looking a little shaky…


And number 12…the stitching is not very good…I’ve got to stop watching those ‘Who Done It Thrillers’ while doing hand work!  Yikes!


Here they are side by side…I used the Homespun fabric that Anne included in my Wool Crazy Win…thanks again Anne!!  I just HAD to include the fabric somewhere in my quilt…and I’m so glad that I did!  I love them…wonky as they may be!


And once they were placed in with the rest of neighbourhood…they are looking mighty sweet!


Then I added the roads…Eureka!!  It’s looking more like a neighbourhood!…And they aren’t looking all THAT wonky…just don’t look too closely! :o)


My favourite house…is MY’s the slate blue one at the top of the hill…love that one best!  And YES that was the wonky one!

P1210275BUT the building doesn’t stop here…over in Claire’s neck of the woods, she has also started her own construction!!   She began her project late but our Foreman, Anne, being the sweetie that she is, said Claire could join in if she worked double shifts…and Claire, being newly retired with nothing but time on her hands:o), rolled up her sleeves and grabbed her hammer! 

Let’s have Claire tell you about her own Neighbourhood in her own words!

Here are my little houses. The window and door crew have been busy over at Paulette's and she promises to send them here when they are finished in her neighbourhood. I hope they don't take off for Christmas holidays because all those families will be left in the dark with no way out. 


At least Santa will be able to get down the chimneys and fill their stockings. I hope Santa brings Anne a big sleigh full of woolie goodness because she has been so good at driving the team and keeping us on track.


And here are the leftover pieces made into my almost pillow top.


Thanks so much ladies and thanks also for not kicking me out of the club when I didn't start until October. Merry Christmas everyone!

So there you have it…two Homespun Houses for the price of ONE!!  Now head on over to Anne’s for more Homespun goodness!!  Claire was SEW right when she said that Anne has been the best Foremanwoman EVER…driving us to completion and keeping us on track!!  Now it’s on with the border and appliquéd stars and berries!  ME THINKS Anne is going to need an extra long whip to keep us moving!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS…the 5th Wheel is PACKED…capris…check…sandals…check…bathing suit…ugh!!…check…projects…CHECK…(insert happy dance here!! Can’t wait…!!)


  1. You are an early bid. I had to check my clock to see that wasn't even 5:30 when you posted.
    Those houses are great in homespun and a little wonky adds to the attraction.

  2. What an adorable post---and I love the houses. :) Merry Christmas

  3. I don't know if the home owner's association would allow plaid houses in the neighborhood. So, okay, I will move into your neighborhood. And have dinner at your house each day.

  4. I love your neighborhood! I am going to have to make me one!

  5. Love it...and keep wishing I had this book to do this with you..maybe one day I will find it and it to my wish list.
    only 10 more days til you leave...
    maybe you will have time to stop at Pioneer Quilts on the way down..hoping to head there today as they are having a SALE!!!

  6. Happily, I was able to find the book with the pattern for this quilt. I am having so much fun making the house. 5 down and more to be made today. Thanks for the inspiration. Love to read your blog, always makes me smile.

  7. Oh, I tried hard to pick out a house in your 'hood but I simply can't. They are all wonderful. Love all the paved roads, as well. :-) That will make it much easier to visit everyone. LOL

    And, Claire is building now, too. woohoo!!!!

  8. mine was destined to be a UFO but now....hummm, maybe I will get back on the bandwagon! Can't wait to see those photos from down south!

  9. That is one sweet neighbourhood, and those blocks aren't wonky, P, they're charming. Isn't it great to have another finish for the year. Claire's is coming along very nicely, even though she had a late start. And the leftovers made a cute pillow top. Leftovers are always enjoyable.

  10. You are my inspiration! Someday I will indeed make a neighborhood, but for now I will totally enjoy yours! Thanks for sharing...the quilt is so beautiful in the homespuns. So nice to see Claire's wonderful quilt as well. Travel safely!

  11. Your houses are not wonky, they are charming! I hope to finish mine next month.

  12. Woohoo, another newcomer and a speedy one too!
    Love both of your sites:)

  13. Love all the houses...wonky or not. Also love that you use the leftover pieces to make something else. I always look at the leftover pieces of a Twister quilt and think, "I really should do something with those!" but so far....nada. By the way, thanks for checking out and pinning so many wonderful quilts that I just repin onto my board. My daughter really needs to teach me how to pin from other places so I can relook at all the things I want to make.....someday!!!

  14. I love your houses--wonky ones too! Reminds me of real life.:)

  15. I think your houses look wonderful.
    And, speaking of trips, a snowbird landed at my house today and I love him and he makes me smile:)

    Thank you so much for brightening up my day and it was so thoughtful of you.


  16. Isn't it interesting how one cute little house, is still just one little house...but collectively they become a warm welcoming community that one would like to visit. I wonder who lives there?