Friday, December 14, 2012

Shawl Instructions…and This and That…

Knitter’s ALERT!  I tracked down Diane, the designer and knitter of this wonderful shawl/wrap!  Several of you knitters wanted the instructions on how to make this gorgeous wrap…and Diane was nice enough to write out the ‘recipe’…

  Copy of P1210128

So here it is…in Diane’s words!  (Not being a knitter I am lost to the lingo…kind of like a non-quilter hearing terms like fat quarter or on the bias or log cabin.)  Hope you get it…

Hi Paulette, I am sorry I do not have a pattern for the shawl/poncho, I just copied one that my daughter brought back from Italy.  It is make up of two squares approx 21 or 22 inches.  I used a good wool of about a worsted weight, and experimented with the needle size to give me that size.  I think I used a 6mm and finally cast on 88 sts.  I did  7 knit and 2 purl and that gave me the correct amount of sts to make the 22 inches in width and then continued to knit till I reached the 22 inch in length.  I did not cast off this but put the sts on a spare needle and when the second one was done I wove the two knitted pieces together, to give it more body on the joined seam.  Put 4 buttons on one side and the 4 button holes on the other piece.

Hope this helps, it’s easy~ the hardest part was getting the right amount of sts for the correct size and then just do the ribbing from start to finish.

PS  I forgot to mention to start and end each row with the 5 knit sts.


Thank YOU so much, Diane…this must have taken you a lot of time and thought and we appreciate it!  The knitters of the world are going to be busy over the holidays…and just remember it gets cold out on the desert at night…REALLY cold!  :o}}…those are icicles hanging from my lower lip…

Hey, Debbie~Woodensails gave us a shout out about a Christmas Quilt Show being held over at This and That Fabrics…why not join in?  All you have to do is post a picture of a new or favourite Christmas project!  Easy as that…and did I mention?…there are PRIZES!!  Hurry over…and scroll down a bit for a look!!  I have to go and enter one of my Christmas creations…but which one…should I go new or should I go favourite!  Decisions…decisions!

I’m going with FAVOURITE…  I made it for my daughter a few years back with the thought that I would make myself one…NEVER happened!  It’s still my favourite…LOVE it!  Seeing Claire work on hers has inspired me to make another!  It’s needle felted using wool roving on felted wool fabric.  Hope you like it too!

christmas sampler -erin  It is called ‘Christmas Sampler’ by Heart to Hand…I used only 4 of the 12 blocks and made a long runner rather than the square.  Sweet!

christmas sampler -erin2

Now I have visions of this one dancing around in my head!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting/Knitting!~P


  1. I love your christmas sampler- soooo adorable! You do such great work Paulette- all of your wool projects are beautiful! And those snowmen pillows- how cute!!! The perfect accent for winter! Have a great weekend!!:)

  2. I think you made the right pick. This runner is so cute and can't fail to win a prize.

  3. I love that piece, it is beautiful. I have a lot of patterns that i want to make and always have to rush things out, so this year I will work on those and take my time.


  4. Your runner is gorgeous. It looks like a winner. Thank you to your friend, Diane for the shawl pattern. I'll work on it in the new year. Have a good weekend!

  5. I see why that runner is your favorite. You will win hands down. I have to go Google "needle felted using wool roving on felted wool fabric".

    Hey, great finds on wool jackets and pants at the thrift store today and 75% off to boot.

  6. That runner is fantastic - for sure ' one to do' on the list. Lovely lovely.Great works going on a the north clubhouse!!!!!

  7. Thank you to your friend, Diane for the shawl pattern. It's summer here, so I'll work on it in winter of the new year.
    Love the runner.
    Julia ♥

  8. Please pass on thanks to Diane .... that is a fab shawl to make and wear.

    Great choice for the show and I hope you win.

  9. Thanks to you and Diane for the info on the knitted shawl. It looks like one I can handle. Have a great day!