Saturday, December 8, 2012

Claire’s Squares…

Hey, I’m a poet…and didn’t know it!

But enough of ME…let me show you Claire’s Squares! 

This is a project that Claire has been working on for awhile.  It’s not your usual Wool Project…yes the background is wool but the applique is done using wool roving and a special needle used for felting.  The wispy pieces of roving are punched right into the wool using a special needle to make the design. 

The pattern is by Heart to Hand and is called ‘Christmas Sampler’.


The hard part is marking the wool to show where to punch the wool!


We have yet to find anything that is good for marking BLACK wool…a sliver of soap works but rubs off right away!  If you know of ANYTHING please let us know!! P1210096 P1210097 P1210098 P1210099 P1210100 P1210101 P1210103

Here it is all together on Kathy’s chair (thanks Kathy!)  You just need to pull out the mitten block and put in the candy cane square and you’ve got it!  This is going to be SEW sweet…and I hope to share pictures when Claire has completed the project!! :o) Right Claire?!


As for the mitten block…this is done the old fashion way…using wool felted fabric and wool thread embroidery…Claire is turning this block into a wee pillow to put into a bowl of greenery!


Yup…this is officially labeled DANG CUTE!!  THANKS FOR SHARING, CLAIRE!!  Ain’t retirement grand? 

Have a super special Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Claire's squares are stinkin' cute!
    They are absolutely adorable.

  2. Gorgeous. I spied some inexpensive very colourful bags of wool roving at the Shawnigan Craft Fair - hinted to my sister, so hopefully will have for Xmas! Been wanting to try it.


    I tagged you!

  4. Wow, how beautiful. You can get a white marking pen. I had one when I worked to mark dark items.It is almost like white paint.

  5. I love the snowman in the mitten!
    A good while back, I played with wool roving. Bernina has a special foot to do it with though I was doing it both by hand and the machine......a couple times. I would love to find someone who could put the Bernina foot to good use.

  6. love this...this would be cute as a wall hanging. I have the "tool" for the roving...may have to add this to my list of things to do next year. LOL

  7. Really, really cute! What a great Christmas project!

  8. That is really cute and a fun idea. I have lots of roving and the tools, have been collecting supplies so I can start trying some things. Love how the mitten looks, cute idea.


  9. Hi Paulette,

    Try getting one of the Clover liquid charcoal pens. They are great for using on wool. It looks like a clear line that turns white after a few seconds. It is great to marke stem lines that need to be embroidered.

    I just checked the Clover site, they call it a white marking pen. Fabricana and A Great Notion both carry them , on long weekends Fabricana has them on their half price sale for notions.

  10. What a great job that Claire is doing, it will be one amazing quilt when finished. Looking forward to seeing it then.

  11. I have recently been using the Ultimate Marking Pencil
    Iron Off by Hancy Mfg. Co., Montague, CA.
    It works GREAT for marking on wool of all colors.
    I recently purchased this pattern, but haven't started it.
    Very Cute!

  12. P.S. It is fat like a piece of chalk and about 6 inches long and comes in it's on plastic case.

  13. Well how cute is that - I love it!

  14. Oh woww, Claire's Squares are all wonderful. Weren't you tempted to hide a few away when she wasn't looking?

  15. When I am moved into the new house in the Spring can you and Claire come down and stay while giving us Woolie's a roving class?! so cute!!!