Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Gift From The Heart…

Do you struggle with what to get your siblings for Christmas?  I know I do!  Wouldn’t it be nice to come up with a gift that comes straight from the heart…a gift that REALLY conveys just how much they mean to you!

Well… Delores came up with a BRILLANT idea!  She made each of her siblings a Christmas mat..filled with lovely pictures of their childhood Christmases of long, long ago…on vintage looking fabric..

delores delores1 delores2

Three siblings so three different mats!  I love the way she added the doilies…and rick rack, buttons and stitches…

delores3 delores5 delores6

Delores called her mats “Christmas Memories”…and by making these mats she just created another VERY SPECIAL memory!


These ‘Christmas Memories Mats’ are truly a gift of love!


Thanks for sharing, Delores!  Hope they didn’t fight over them!! :o)

Yup…I’m going to file this idea away for another year!…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a wonderful idea, who wouldn't like that? And they turned out beautiful.

  2. What a fantastic idea!!! I have access to some pretty funny pics of my sis at Christmas!

  3. Thanks for sharing another great idea, I think this is something I could do for my Grand daughters to show them what Christmas was like for me many years ago too!

  4. What a great idea, they are just stunning. Is Delores giving a class on making them.? I would even make one for myself as well as my two daughters.

  5. That is a fantastic idea. Next year for me. Thanks for sharing and hoping the sun is warm where you are going!