Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star of Wonder…a craft…

..Go out into the woods and cut some branches…as straight as possible and all the same length…


Cut off any little off-shoots…

P1210167  Pick out FIVE sticks..all the same fatness and length…


Lay out your sticks in a STAR formation…


Take some twine…

Copy of P1210171

….and wrap and tie at each intersection…do this as tightly as possible…and leave tails of twine after you have knotted off…


See all the tails…this is good!


Now comes the fun part…adding the special effects!


   Take a branch of berries and twist and shape to make it look like it is growing along the branch of the star…and using the tails of twine wrap around the branch of berries…At every intersection of branch you will have tails of twine to tie around the berries… secure the berry branch as tightly as possible!


You can tie the tails into a bow…or cut off the tails on the BACK of the stars.  (After looking at these pictures I went with cutting off the tails.)P1210296

Remember you can make your star any size…these are about 12” and 6”…it’s up to you…just remember that the sticks have to be the same length!


Then find a place to hang…

P1210173Ooops I forgot to tell you to make a loop with the top tail of your star…so that you can hang it on a hook or nail!    P1210177

Or just place your star…


And they look great outside…

P1210303      So there you have it!!  Twig Stars…fresh for the season…to keep or give as a unique and special gift. 

Be warned…I don’t know how well these stars will keep.  The wood is fresh and will dry out and shrink…leaving the twine loose.  You may have to tighten the twine and tweak it a bit after the season…BUT I love them and enjoyed giving them as gifts!  The ONLY thing wrong with them…they would never pass border regulations for my USA friends…

Yup…gold stars for this Christmas Craft!

Now go for a walk in the woods and take a saw with you!!  :o)

I am off grocery shopping…I was going to do it yesterday..and then saw the LINES of shoppers!! UGH!!  Today..I am going EARLY! I’m hoping it will be ONLY me… and the rooster!

Have a Super Shopping Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Your stars are so cool! Merry Christmas! :0)

  2. Love mine!! It looks awesome on the wall outside my front door! Thank you.

  3. You are the star and this is a brilliant idea, thank you for the tutorial :)

  4. oh man...I was all excited till I got down to the line about border inspection...whaaaaaa

  5. Lov your stars! Stores are crazy here too. May nap and go out at midnight! ;-)

  6. I knew I was seeing "stars" this morning..and it wasn't because I was drinking the wrong stuff last night....LOL

    They're wonderful! I love "natural"....any time of year.

  7. Simple (for some folks) but very effective. I like.

  8. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.:)

  9. Great, easy to follow tutorial; thank you! Love your white wreath, too & the quilt on the rack. Oh, and the rack - very different, and interesting!

  10. What delightful homemade stars. I don't live by the woods but it makes me wish I did. I wonder what I have that I can substitute for the trees...............

  11. I really like that and I have lots of dead fall in the back yard. Even if I use it for one season, easy enough to make new ones. I would just keep the berries.


  12. That's a great craft. I'm going to try it next year with the grand kids.

  13. Great project. I'll be trying that one. They look so neat together.

  14. Clever idea, they look great. Hope the shopping went well.