Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yup…I have been busy prepping just one more project for the trip down south…I have this thing about idle hands and watching TV/driving/lounging without actually DOING something!!

So last night I cut out and tentatively pinned ‘Butternut House’ together.  I always like to take pictures of my projects BEFORE gluing anything down…just in case I need to tweak!  It’s amazing how, when you look at a photo, all the mistakes jump out at you! P1210319

Yup…I definitely NEED to tweak!  See the berries branch on the top left…needs to be shortened and moved more to the right…and the same with the right hand berry branch.  I went overboard with the berries last night…


I guess that’s because I am a berry crazy person!  (hey…I taught Grade One for WAY too many years!!  Humour me!)


The pattern is a Maggie B Pattern… ‘Butternut House’!  Very pretty and SEW Maggie!

Thanks for stopping by…I hope life isn’t too hectic for you!  Don’t forget to take a little time to PLAY today!  It’s good for the soul!

Have a Woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I am working on one very very fact its a Christmas gift and I have had only a few vines to finish stitching for three weeks..ugh! Love her patterns.

  2. Another beautiful project, Paulette.

    No time to play :-(

  3. Looks beautiful! your Berry joke!! Have a safe trip! I prepped some blocks also so I will have something to do while away for a few days. We'll see if I actually have time for stitching!

  4. You can see my blocks I prepped on my blog if you are, in my last posting.

  5. Although I have quilted for years (many, many years) I ordered my first wool kit yesterday, mainly because of you! You always look like you are having so much fun. I just resisted because I have a feeling that I will go crazy over it and end up with a ton of wool fabric, start ordering it for the shop, start buying wool patterns.....

    Oh well, guess I'll just have to risk it!

    Cheery wave!

  6. What a great project to take along and stich for the Christmas journey.

    I'm looking out the window and it is snowing right now, I hope you have a safe journey down to P.S. this year, awaiting to hear about your adventures once again.

  7. The new project looks like fun. I must say you are a bad...or maybe good, influence on me! I had to go to Primitive Gatherings after reading your blog about that. I made the cute freebie pin cushion as a Christmas gift. Then I had to buy the snowmen woolie from Dorr Mills. Thanks for the heads up on all the wonderful bargins. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in CA. Have a safe trip!

  8. I love the idea of taking a picture of a work in progress. Gonna start doing that! You are going to have show and tell like nobody's business. I can't wait to see everything all finished up!

  9. What a great idea about the photo after you have things laid out. Beautiful pattern and your work is beautiful too!

  10. When you run out of things to do this winter, I will mail you some of my things to work on. I would not want you to have idle hands.

  11. It's going to be a beauty when finished. Heard on the news that the weather through the passes between OR/CA is snowy, here's hoping it will be gone when you make your travels.

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