Friday, December 28, 2012

Just a Little MORE Christmas…please…

I’m feeling a little Christmas deprived! There isn’t one speck of Christmas to be had…anywhere! It’s all been boxed up and put away… 

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Glynis, a fellow woolie, and man, was her house decked out…I mean Christmas was in every nook and cranny!  I have never seen so many Christmas quilts…or wall hangings or table toppers! 

Indulge me a bit…let me have one last taste of Christmas over at Glynis’…I know you wanna see too…so let’s revisit Glynis’ Christmas wonderland…

Don’t you just love this…the CUTEST Welcome banner and frame…adorable!!


I LOVE wreathes and I actually have a similar wreath…but now I am looking for rusty stars…and a star wreath holder!


The sweetest wall hanging…love the look on Santa’s face!


Those darn reindeer just won’t cooperate…


All of Glynis’ work is sheer perfection and this one was no exception…right down to that string of lights falling down onto the border and those sweet cardinals sitting on the branch…SO much to see and enjoy on this quilt!!


It was so nice to see some Raspberry Rabbit designs…VERY sweet on the wire rack!


And a stain glass NOEL over the Santa mantel…very festive and what a lovely collection!!


Glynis’ dinning room is blue…and beautiful! 


What is it about blue and silver that is so wonderful together…like a Winter Wonderland…


And a little…OK… big JOY to the world!


A little bit of bling to kick up your Christmas dinner…


Yes, Glynis has been quilting for some time now…and she has got the cupboard to prove it!!  Just LOOK INSIDE this cupboard!!  I wanted to pull out all the quilts for a better look…Maybe NEXT time…!


LOVE this Snowman quilt…and the quilt rack!!


A very sweet room…I bet her grand-daughter just loves visiting her grandma!


I’m sure that I have this sweet basket pattern…somewhere!!  Stars, churn dash and baskets…doesn’t get any better than this!!  Just lovely! 


Glynis, the queen of applique…and this beauty was hanging on her hallway wall.


And look at what was holding it up!!  Don’t you just LOVE this rack…and the antique spools of thread!  VERY SWEET!


Spare bedroom number two had this wonderful appliquéd quilt on the bed!  It was stunning!!


To be fully appreciated you have to view it block by block…


I think Glynis said this was a Pat Sloan design…but I could be wrong…I was almost comatose by this time…(in a GOOD way!)


Don’t you just LOVE this quilt…I think I would keep this one up all year round!  Amazing!  And hanging from another sweet rack!!


Yikes…look at this beauty tucked into a corner…and look… I can see another beauty underneath!!  I wonder how many quilts Glynis has made in her life time?…I wonder how many she has made just this week?!  :o)


This wonderful quilt was hanging on the railing upstairs and was magnificent!!  The stars really looked like snowflakes…and look at the fir borders…so effective!

P1210384I SHOULD have taken a full shot of Glynis’ sewing room upon entry because it was incredible…I thought I would do that on my way out…but my camera’s battery died half way through the sewing room tour!!  It’s not good to see a grown woman cry…

So let me show you a snippet of what Glynis is currently working on….  The sweetest snowman penny…I wish I had got the name of this pattern…dang cute.  The snowmen remind me of Leanne Anderson’s Whole Country Caboodle designs… but can’t be sure..


The walls of Glynis’ sewing room are slanting in like an attic room…and these walls are covered with Glynis’ creations…like this wool bowl of fruit!  Love the hand dyed wool and the pointed pennies!


And a pretty charity quilt in the making…


A lovely wavy bordello…


The sweetest candle wicking/embroidery/appliqué quilt…this picture does not do it justice!!


Be still my heart!!  It’s the Hexagon quilt that’s on my bucket list!!!  I forget the name of it but you can find the book at Connecting Threads…on SALE!!


And then my battery died…ugh!  Oh well, I’m just going to have to come back with a fully charged camera!  I wonder what Glynis will have up for us in the spring??

Before I go…I have to show you what Glynis gifted me!


The sweetest Santa banner EVER…with the smallest, wee, teeniest pieces! I love it…and really…it IS hanging straight…I’m just a wee wonky! 

Thank you SEW much Glynis, for the incredible tour and the wonderful gift!  I’m sure you will ALL agree that Quilters really are the nicest and most generous people on the planet!

So there have it…Christmas over at Glynis’ House!!  AMAZING, wasn’t it!  Just what I needed to get me back into the holiday spirit!!  Think I’ll put on some Christmas music as I finish up those last minute packing chores…we’ll be pulling out tomorrow at the crack of dawn!  Fingers crossed!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You have amazing friends who are so talented and generous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, what a great collection of handmade Christmas quilts! Thank you for sharing!

    The snowman wool mat is from My Red Door Designs. You can purchase the pattern only or a kit. They have LOTS of cute things. One of the owners is the past owner of the Calico Horse quilt shop, which I found through YOUR blog! Hee hee. :)

  3. What beautiful decoration! I love the snowman welcome banner! :0)

  4. If a visit to Glynis's house doesn't put the Ho Ho back in your mojo nothing could! Wow, what a tour of jolly splendor...Thank you both! :)
    Happy journeys :D

  5. Wow, what a great collection, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great Christmas house tour. Glynis is one prolific quilter. I loved everything, but I especially loved those green Christmas trees on Glynis's mantle and the star wreath holder. How lucky you were to have been gifted the lovely Santa banner. Perhaps you could hang it in the 5th wheel just to remind you of Christmas. Have a safe trip through the mountains, and I hope there are no holdups at customs. Those beading hammers might raise a few eyebrows.

  7. Wow, Glynis must not sleep. Gorgeous projects! Safe travels south. Can't wait to see the Clubhouse Gang!

  8. Wow, Glynis does beautiful work.

    Safe travels down south.

    Sharon in Victoria

  9. I do believe your friend has MORE quilting/quilts in her home than I've even seen. Absolutely STUNNING!

    "WOW" covers it.

  10. Holy Cow~has she ever the collection of quilts! Sweet!!

    Could you please find out the name of the designer for that 'Welcome' banner you showed in the first pic?

  11. Thank you for a wonderful quilt show. Glynis is certainly talented! Be safe on your journey!

  12. wow! Your friend is a very talented quilter!

  13. She has so many beautiful pieces and I love how her home looks with all the quilts.


  14. Bon Voyage! Be safe.

  15. Love! Any idea where to find the Welcome banner pattern?

  16. Glynis sure is talented. Thanks for sharing all her fabulous quilts.

  17. I found the Welcome Winter banner at Hamels Fabrics. Thanks!

  18.! How cool is her house! What an incredible collection. Made me smile big to see my little tree design included in such a lovely home. :)

  19. Wow, amazing quilts...loved seeing them all.
    Such inspiration, back to the sewing room.
    Julia ♥

  20. Wonderful tour for you share. I enjoy all the talent you share with us. Including your talent.
    Have safe travels. We are currently in Waco, Texas.

  21. Wow, that was quite a tour and beautiful quilts. You are so right that quilters are wonderful people and very generous.

  22. Now that was like visiting a one woman quilt show. Awesome!

    Via con dios tomorrow. Safe travels, my friend.

  23. What an amazing display of quilts and all from one person. Thanks for showing us. By the time you get to read this, you'll probably be on your travels, so have a good trip, and enjoy the sunshine when you get there.

  24. Glynis has some (all of them) awesome quilts and projects..very nice tour that you gave us. thanks.

  25. Wow!! What an amazing show of quilts!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!