Friday, December 7, 2012

On to the BIG STuff…

As promised, here are the BIG projects from the December Cloth Castle Club Day…YES, Santa’s elves have been busy!

Wee Wonky Log Cabins make up this beauty!

Copy (2) of P1210059

I loved this scrappy quilt…and it was made entirely from her scrap bag!  Bonnie Hunter would be proud!

Copy (2) of P1210061

A sweet little panel quilt made for a little elf!

Copy (2) of P1210077

Claire made this Dog Quilt for her son, Andrew!  It is gorgeous…and made in the true Buggy Barn fashion…

Copy (2) of P1210078

Can you see the wool applique?

Copy (2) of P1210080

Let’s zoom in for a close-up…Now can you see it?  Yup the snout, patches  and bones are all wool…and button eyes!  How cute is that!

Copy (2) of P1210085

And each dog is so different and unique!

Copy (2) of P1210086

This is Dawn’s Sunny Yellow Quilt…this would put a smile on anyone’s face!

Copy (2) of P1210081

A sweet little wall hanging…

Copy (2) of P1210089

This Winter quilt was made from Whimsical fabric….adorable!

Copy (2) of P1210094

Loved this warm and cozy flannel quilt…would you believe that it’s a MOCK rag quilt…Yup, I said mock!

Copy of P1210107

The quilter added a couple of strips of brown flannel (zigzagged down the middle and then clipped on both sides of the zigzag stitching) for the rag look!!  Very effective and doesn’t it make it look extra cozy!

Copy of P1210115

I think this was a BOM…dang cute!!


Now this is where batiks REALLY shine…:o)


Doesn’t this look like the middle of the quilt is floating…love the way putting the blocks on point makes a quilt look so different!


A panel quilt cut up and then stitched into the centre of each block…I want to say a Leanne Anderson panel print but that is a guess…


The quilter used an embroidery machine to quilt this lovely creation…love the snowflake design!

P1210141 Finally one of the quilters brought out these slippers…they were gifted to each member during a Quilting Retreat on the weekend…so warm and cozy and so…Kotex-y!  She said they set the tone for the whole weekend…. Wonder what she meant by THAT??

Copy of P1210117

And then it was Natasha’s turn to show us what she has been up to!!  Yup, this wonderful wonderful zig-zag quilt is her latest design…


…and it comes from this simple block!!  LOVE IT!!


If you would like more info on this quilt then go HERE…I’m sure Natasha would be more than happy to help you!!

So that’s it for our Christmas CC Club!  Whew!  What a show…and I’m not even going to show you pictures of Natasha’s melt in your mouth Shortbread Cookies (delish!!) or the wonderful lunch our car load of quilters had…Good food, good friends…always equals good FUN…and lots of good quilty talk…of course!! 

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a show, the ladies really do some beautiful work.
    I love the dogs, it is a fun piece.


  2. Wow, I love that log cabin variation in the first picture. Thanks for all the eye candy.

  3. Oh my goodness - they're all wonderful, but if you have any way to find out the pattern on that log cabin wreath, I will love you forever.

  4. Amazing creations - love them all! But oh those slippers, lol....

  5. Wonderful quilt show! Lots of talent and creativity!

  6. Gorgeous log cabin quilt but oh my goodness...loving the doggie quilt.

  7. WOW.such talented women

    .. I too would love to know where to find the pattern for the wonky log cabin quilt. If I was more ambitious I could draft it out but it would be so much quicker to find the pattern. LOL

  8. What is the name of Quilt pattern in heading of your it