Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

On Tuesday, it was our LAST Cloth Castle Club Day for 2012…and my last Club Day until May!  The girls sure didn’t disappoint…they are such talented, diverse and FUN quilters! All the projects and quilts were gorgeous! 

Pour yourself a coffee, sit back and watch the show……YIKES!  I forgot how much there is to see…SEW…let’s see the smaller projects today and the bigger things tomorrow…There are just TOO many things for one day!

Who wouldn’t love to receive some handmade wool socks and in such lovely colours!  Some for mom and some for her child..CUTE!


The sweetest stitchery taken from “Redwork-Winter Twitterings” book of stitchery designs.

Copy (2) of P1210063

A jewelry keeper for travel.  It ties up into a wee pouch…see the red pouch to the right…untie it and it opens like a pie..which has little pockets for your jewels!  Very clever!


Copy (2) of P1210064

There were lots of pretty runners…

Copy (2) of P1210067

And festive napkins…love the ric rac edges…

Copy (2) of P1210068

…with matching tea towels…

Copy (2) of P1210070

…and placemats…

Copy (2) of P1210072

And more placemats…they make the best gifts!

Copy (2) of P1210073

And table runners…

Copy (2) of P1210075

This table runner was almost like a crazy patch…

Copy (2) of P1210088

A sweet wool clutch style purse…

Copy (2) of P1210093

A wedding ring runner with an embroidered Frosty in the middle of each ring.

          Copy of P1210105


Copy of P1210106

This quilter made two charm pack runners out of the sweetest fabric…but it was the candy cane binding that popped both projects!

Copy of P1210108

Cute.. or what!

Copy of P1210109

This one was my favourite…loved the white frame around each square…

Copy of P1210111

And then the candy cane binding cut on bias…made this runner sing!

Copy of P1210112 Copy of P1210113

A nativity scene wall hanging…

Copy of P1210116

A hexie bag…


Copy of P1210118

More placemats…

Copy of P1210125

I *LOVED* LOVED* LOVED* this knit shawl with the big buttons!

Copy of P1210126

See isn’t it gorgeous!!  It makes me want to take up knitting!

Copy of P1210128

And this VERY sweet WOOL table mat…stitched on one of those fancy embroidery machines!  Adorable!


And loved this festive cardinal table runner!


Whew!!  Nice hey!  Yup…and this was just the small stuff!  Big STUFF tomorrow!!

I think I’ll pour myself another coffee and visit a few of my favourite blogs…see what YOU’VE been up to!! Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting! ~P


  1. All are wonderful but I especially like the buttoned shawl, looks so warm!
    Thanks for the peek :D

  2. What fun! I loved all the Christmas projects!

  3. Love the Nativity scene. I am machine quilting a Nativity scene but not like that one. And I have one I am doing hand embroidery on.
    Aren't you afraid you are going to miss out on a whole lot while you are gone and they are still meeting!

  4. Wonderful quilt show today, so many beautiful pieces.


  5. Loved the show. I especially like the knitted shawl...looks yummy! Thanks

  6. Most wonderful and delightful eye candy. The knitted shawl is so beautiful. Can't help, but leave all the show and tell sharing with a lot of inspiration to get things done.

  7. WONDERFUL projects! Love that candy cane binding, and I'm totally loving that shawl!

  8. Loved seeing such great projects! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hmmmm...I use to knit. I really like that knitted shawl. You'll need to see if you can find out the source of that pattern....if you can, let us know!

  10. Loved seeing everything especially the shawl..
    Paulette, you know now that that we all want to know where that pattern came from please...
    It gets pretty cold down under too in winter.
    Julia ♥

  11. Such awesome projects- thanks for sharing! I was just talking to a friend this morning about the festive napkins you posted here- she's supposed to get me a pattern-so cute!! Also, love that striped binding! I need to pick some of that up. Have a great weekend!:)

  12. yes, Love the shawl...I wonder if the gal has the pattern name?

  13. would you be able to find out the name of the shawl,P? I'm still thinking about this warm shawl as the temps are dropping!

  14. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Beautiful projects! I really like the shawl and would be interested in the source for the pattern. Hope you're having a good day!