Friday, December 21, 2012

Evelyn’s Album…and I GOT Mail!

TAH-DUH!!  Strike up the band…sound the trumpets…bring out the jugglers and the majorettes! 


Glynis has finished her BOM “Evelyn’s Album” and it is worthy of a marching band!  Absolutely SPECTACULAR!

               evelyn's album

This quilt was offered by Primitive Gathering in a monthly BOM last summer..the red and black background fabrics are flannels and all the appliqué is done in wool!

evelyn's album2-001

Ohhhh…I’m loving this quilt…

                evelyn's album 3

I think this is ANOTHER ONE that just HAS to go on the ‘TO DO LIST’!

What about YOU?  Hurry over to PG now…you can find the pattern and kit HERE!!  But be prepared…it ain’t cheap!  It’s $22 a month, over a 12 month period…that’s $264…plus 12 months of SHIPPING and this kit can be yours!  OR you can do what I’m going to do…scour every shop this side of California looking for the perfect flannels and wools…buy dribs and drabs here and there…and don’t add up the cost!  It’s MUCH cheaper that way!!  :o))) 

I GOT MAIL!!  Lookie what was in my mail box yesterday…

P1210334  …and it came all the way from Buckingham Palace…or VERY close to it!  No, it’s not from Liz but from that other FAMOUS Brit…none other than the Quilting Author and Blogger… Quilt Sue from Quilt Times!!P1210336

Oh my…Quilt Sue has been busy!!  Lovely coasters made from yummy Rouenneries fabric…my all time favourite fabric!


Geeze…if you can read this, Quilt Sue is thanking ME for being a part of the Christmas Quilt Along Crew!!…My head is hanging in utter SHAME!  The fact is…I was a terrible team member…I was awful!!  You see the problem was the quilt-a-longs were always on a Saturday…and you know me…those DARN Garage Sales were calling my name….  I TRIED to stay focused (I REALLY DID) but… I am weak…there, I’ve said it!  Weak and shameless…but dang, these are VERY sweet coasters! 

So..THANK YOU, Quilt Sue!  I promise 2013 will be a much better year!


I think I will spend the rest of the morning having a coffee or two…being careful not to dribble…and of course visit and getting caught up with a few blogs!! 

Hey did you know that coffee is really GOOD for you…the more you drink, the healthy you are?  I must be REALLY healthy!  There…you heard it first HERE!!  FREE medical advice!  Brew yourself a cup’a…and let’s go Blog hopping!  It’s good for your health!

Have a FUN and FANTASTIC Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and very nice surprise from a friend.


  2. Gorgeous quilt and love those coasters! I had thoughts of signing on for that BOM... and then remembered I already have 2 BOM's coming now and so many patterns... one in particular I want to do is the Christmas quilt from the Cold Wind Blows book you sent me! :-)