Monday, December 17, 2012

This is SNOW Lie!

Yesterday I had a Bake In…I got the butter tarts made and in the freezer faster than Santa flies his sleigh…shhhhh hubby doesn’t know that they are made (I made them so fast that there are no pictures of them!), the shortbread is melt in your mouth yummy …


and the Lime Coconut Cookies are SO good you want to break out the margaritas! 


I was just whipping up a double batch of my annual Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge…the ingredients were in the bowl…waiting for me to add the two cans of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk..when SCREEEEECH!


  …NOW does THIS look like Condensed Milk to you?  I thought it had gone bad…


…but have a glance at the label…see the fine print under’s Caramel Flavour!  What the…!!  This explained the funky colour!  What was I going to do with THREE CANS of Carmel Condensed Milk??  I found the receipt and was all prepared to return them to the store…but what to do with the OPENED can?  I went on-line…(see the online info at the bottom of the label…got to love the computer!!)…and EUREKA..there was a fudge recipe…only THREE ingredients..brown sugar, butter and this stuff…so in the matter of 10 minutes I had this whipped up…


The BEST darn fudge EVER!!  It tastes just like Caramels (you know those little square Caramel cubes that come individually wrapped).. only better and creamier…let me have another piece just to remind me of this delicious fudge….Yup…creamy and sweet…and delicious…the neighbours are going to love it!


Don’t get me wrong we still CAN’T have Christmas without the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (which we will have once I buy the proper Condensed Milk).  BUT I’m POSITIVE that this is going to be a hit…and will forever be on the Christmas Bake List…Who knew?  I wish my quilting mistakes turned out this well! :o)

Yahhh…I know…I know…I bake like I sew…only good things come from a mess!P1210308   

Now enough about baking…On to the SEWING front~

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a NEW project to help get you through those dark dreary months of Winter?  Well you are in LUCK!!  Dorr Mills has just restocked this sweet snowmen kit, Frosty Mugs and they are offering it to US for ONLY $25…that’s INCLUDING the pattern!!  This is a FANTASTIC DEAL!! (All the other on-line shops are selling the same thing for $55 or more!!)  Do you realize how difficult it is to find this many different white woolen fabrics?!!  Trust me…I KNOW!  And Dorr woolens are wonderful!! 


Hurry over to Dorr Woolen Mills Store NOW!!  At this price they are going to go FAST!

One more thing before I go…look at what happened last night…


Yup…it SNOWED!  It never snows here…well hardly ever!  At least not while I’m here…:o) It is definitely time to fly the coop!  And that’s SNOW LIE!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I have that pattern and got wool for it, now i need to make it, maybe that will be the one I do this week, just need to finish up a piece I am doing.


  2. Thank you for your entertaining post! Dear hubby and I are driving home from a visit to family in Louisiana. He,s driving. I'm reading blogs on his iPad. Thanks for keeping me happy and busy while he drives:)

  3. Oh, that caramel flavored condensed milk fudge sounds delicious - I'm going to look for it at our store, but somehow, I doubt I'll find it. Enjoy your snow day!

  4. I too am going to look for that caramel flavored milk.. the fudge looks great.

    Enjoy your snow. but please keep it .


  5. Yummy!! :D
    I love this snomen too. ♥

  6. WOW look at the snow, we had some falling on Sat but it didn't stick around. You had a busy day baking....I think I gained 5 pounds reading your post.

  7. No snow here on the peninsula, just a lot of heavy rain and wind. Rather calm now, though. Definitely time to go south. I check the web cam at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego every day just to remind myself what summer really looks like.
    What a great mistake you made with the fudge. I've put that caramel condensed milk on my shopping list for tomorrow. The fudge looks wonderful, and my husband loves those caramels so this will be a surprise present for him.

  8. Yummmm!! Your baking results are very inspiring too.:)

  9. Well, that was an impulse buy but I did order the kit and a couple of other goodies, thanks! Ah, if we only had a cleanup fairy, nice work on whittling down the baking list.

  10. That caramel fudge looks so good. I looked and looked in the store and on the website but cannot find it here in the USA. Wonder if it is only available in Canada? It is not even listed under "products" on their US website. Strange...anyway, if I can find it, this is something I would like to try.

  11. Well, YUMMMMM! I need to know what recipes you use for the butter tarts and the shortbread----pretty please??? And I'm glad to know about the caramel sweetened milk. :)

  12. Gosh..all your yummy baking is making me very hungry...for sweets!
    But girl...what's with the snow in your yard?! Guess you just gotta live on an island like I do with nary a snowflake in sight...except where they should be..on the mountain tops!
    Just want to wish you & Rick & all your family a peaceful & joyous Christmas and a "warm" New Year in Californiay!

  13. Your counter looks a lot like mine these days - except I don't have the gorgeous condensed milk! I was almost done with my baking, but I think I may have to make one more thing (wink)! I can't believe you got snow and here we sit in snow country with 40 plus temps! Have fun!

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