Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost MITTENS are found!

Yesterday, when I showed you what the Heritage Woolies had been up to, I forgot the mittens!!  How could I forget these sweet little things!!  Ahhhhdorable!!  It is so nice to see the Woolie Workers’ wonderful wool work (say that fast five times!) and I’m happy to say that our groups’ numbers are increasing!!  Maybe our Quilt Shops will start bringing in WOOL! 

This new to wool, Woolie is on a roll…here is her second mitten!  Very cute!


And Joan is hooked!!  She went home and cleaned out her closets, found some wool jackets and PRESTO!…some wonderful woolie ornaments to treasure for years and years!  Hubby’s a little chilly but he’ll get over it…and I’m sure that he’ll be the first to admit that he now has some DANG cute ornaments! 

P1210044 P1210045

Don’t you love the plaid wool that Joan used in her mittens…


Joan was saying she is filling her mittens with candy and giving them to family members!  Such a sweet gift!


So that’s it for the wool…at least for this week!! 

My ‘Things to DO’ list for getting ready for Christmas and for Snowbirding down south (we leave on Dec. 29th) is slowly getting whittled down!

Today I am off to Victoria for a last walk/talk/coffee with my sister and a last lunch with Claire (we have to plan her trip as she is joining us in January…Road to California here we COME!!)  My projects are prepped…and packed into the 5th wheel, along with my ‘summer’ clothes.  Hubby will pack his on the 28th:o!  Next is bedding, towels and linens…last thing for me to pack is food!  Plus I have to do Christmas baking…and clean the house and of course, get the dogs clipped and ready for Palm Springs…which means, get out those rhinestone collars!  A girl needs a little bling ya’know!

So I’m off and running!  Have a wacky Wednesday (yes, it IS Wednesday…I thought yesterday was THURSDAY…sheesh! :) and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Those are so cute. I wam just getting into wool, is there a pattern or did you make it up?

  2. Very cute mittens. And a great idea to fill them for gift giving. A Christmas tree would certainly look so cute with lots of these woolies hanging on it.
    Looks like you are almost ready and raring to go. I envy you and Claire your trip to Road to California. I'm sure there will be lots of bargains to be had. And, of course, you will be taking lots of photos to show us. Won't you!

  3. I had to ask my husband what day it was when I woke up this morning too, my days are totally off!

  4. Adorable mittens! Can't believe it's almost time for your adventure south...seems like you just returned! Have a great day!

  5. Joan can fill a mitten with M&M Peanuts and send one my way. How cute.

  6. Those are fun, love using wool for mitten Ronnie's.


  7. So cute!!! Double cute... no make that triple cute!!!

  8. Love the mittens. Very cute gift idea too.:)

  9. ok these are all just adorable!!!!
    thanks for sharing