Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heritage Happenings…

It’s Quilting tomorrow so I better get caught up before I REALLY get behind!

Let me show you a sampling of what the girls have been up to~

This looks like an intricate scrappy quilt but look closely!  Half square triangles and rails…that’s it!  Love quilts like this!P1200816

This quilt was huge and very well done!


This is Hazel’s Fairy Quilt that she made for a Christmas gift for her grand daughter.  There are a million pink butterflies quilted into this quilt and I’m sure her GD will find every single one!  Very pretty!


Some adorable wool felt ornies…

P1200942 P1200943

Two charity quilts hot off the assembly line!


Rosemarie made this lovely scrappy quilt out of fall colours!  Love it!


This Batik quilt was massive…I took several pics but this is the only one that turned out!  My camera just takes too darn long to focus… 


You can’t beat a log cabin quilt…and I love this one!!


This quilt was made from the heart…literally!


Very sweet…someone is going to LOVE this one…I know I love the detail in all the heart stitches!


FINALLY~ I Love the story behind this Thomas the Train quilt.  The quilter on the right started this quilt AGES ago for her grandson who was Thomas Crazy.  By the time she neared completion he had moved onto other interests (girls and cars…no just kidding…but his interests were with other cartoon characters:).  So she thought she would add this to the Charity Quilt pile when she was finished.  On Halloween night a little boy came to the door dressed as Thomas the Train.  She pulled out the quilt to show the boy and he got SO excited to see the Thomas Quilt…


…He KNEW ALL the names of all the other trains…and absolutely LOVED the quilt…so she GAVE him the quilt!  She needed to put the binding on and show it at Heritage before she was going to hand deliver it to him.  I have to add that this little boy was a complete stranger to her.  What a gift!!…BUT she knew that this quilt was going to be well loved and appreciated!  Which is ALL we ask for when we give away a quilt…especially one with hours and hours and hours of work tied up in it…not to mention the $$!!


Quilters really are the BEST!

SEW… let’s hope that the month of December doesn’t go by as fast as November did!!  Blink and that one was GONE!  Let’s hope that we get to savour the season a  bit…WHAT do you mean it’s the 2nd ALREADY??

Have a SUPER Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P   


  1. Beautiful quilts. How lucky is that little guy. He really got a treat on Halloween.
    I also love the log cabin and the heart quilt.
    Oops, did you notice in the first picture one block pieced wrong? Kind of like an Amish quilt, always leave one mistake.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic...there is someone in my life that would LOVE that Thomas the Train quilt!

  3. What a heartwarming story. I bet that little boy has asked his mommy daily about the quilt! Tell your friend that she has warmed many hearts with her special gift.

  4. what a lovely story about the Thomas quilt, and what a lovely lady to literally sieze the moment with her heart!
    All the quilts are lovely though, but I think my favourite is the wool snowman- ya just can't beat a good snowman!!!

  5. I really like the brick piece and the shadow effect, really nice piece.


  6. Cute story and lovely quilts. I did wonder if the maker of the first quilt put the mistake in there on purpose or if she didn't realize the error.

  7. One time my husband was roofing a house for an older lady completely unknown to us except through this particular job. When she found out he had a young boy at home, she went inside and came out with a Mickey Mouse quilt she had hand appliqued and quilted--just insisted he take it home to our son! So very sweet of her and the quilt ended up being very well loved and appreciated!

  8. Love the Thomas story. Such generosity. Mason would love that quilt too. He always scolds me when I call the red car "Thomas"...because it's "Percy". Geesh, Grammy, don't you know anything? HAHA PS...I ordered the light.

  9. I have used that friendship block several times. The boo boo is sad to see. I wish the quilter had noticed it before finishing. My camera and design wall are my friend..

  10. What a lovely story about the Thomas quilt. That little boy will surely treasure it for a long time.

  11. All the quilts are beautiful, but the Thomas quilt story wins the show!!! I could just imagine how excited that little boy was while naming all the trains and then knowing he will be the owner of that lovely quilt! That just really makes me smile!

  12. Can you share the name of the pattern of the half square triangles and the split rail quilt? I loved this one.