Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Do you BELIEVE...

Writing a quilting blog can be tough when everything you are working on is a 'secret' and has to remain a secret until Dec. 25th!  

Thanks YOU, Glynis...for keeping up with the Farmhouse Blog Hop and Buttermilk Basin's Blog Hop  blocks!  She has kept us in stitches and has literally kept this blog a-float!  We are going to have to start calling my blog SWEET G, instead of Sweet P!

Thanks Glynis...oh...I BELIEVE that you will have these blocks together by next week!!  :o)

Speaking of BELIEVING, it's hard to believe that it is December FIRST already!  Did you hear my screams of horror as I flipped my calendar page?  I think I have bitten off more than I can chew as far as projects go this year!  I need a couple of helpers...perhaps sewing elves...to put in a few shifts while I pack the RV, clean, bake, decorate and shop....(please excuse me while I pause a moment to SCREAM just once more!)  Not to worry...it ALWAYS gets done....doesn't it?

Thank you everyone for your input into my mid-arm crisis!  I now have several options that I want to pursue!  I will clearly need an extra day at the Road to California this year, as I test drive all the different models!  I really want to 'drive' the Juki 2010G and the Block Bullit...just to name two! Does anyone have the Juki 2010 on a quilting frame?  If so, how do you like her and how does she run?  The same goes with the Block Rockit?  The Block Rockit looks fantastic but it has only been on the market for a year....which makes me a tad nervous!  Do I want to be a guinea pig...and do they sell them in Canada?  Oh well...I have plenty of time to decide and look around and research the options!  And maybe in the meantime I will win the lottery....hey, I can dream, and I might as well dream BIG!! :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oooh lovely :)
    I have been following the blog hop and I cannot hop to the 28th one.... I think the link is incorrect... Do you have the correct place where I have to hop to?
    Smiles :)

  2. I think you're probably someone who does well under pressure. Christmas will get here and you'll be starting new projects.:) lol

  3. I must have missed your post about a mid-arm crisis. But not to worry. I play the slot machines on one of the free casino sites and won $248,000,000 last week. I will cut you a check. Oh, if it were only real money!

  4. I have the Juki but not my frame. I can honestly say I love it! And if my Husky that is on the frame craps out, I will haul the Juki on and off it. I bet it will sew like a dream on there.

  5. The Block Rockit is fairly new, but the service is great. I'm getting one for Christmas. There is Yahoo Group you should check out.

  6. Is it really December 1?? In just three weeks we will be on an airplane heading back to Montana for the holiday--YIKES!

  7. Sweet G continues to do her awesome work and you do too, for that matter.