Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Eye Candy....

Thank goodness for friends...quilty friends!  They are going to provide YOU with a little Christmas Eye Candy this morning while I am busy in my Sewing Room making a little candy for myself!

First up is Sandy...she made the sweetest stocking...I didn't catch who the stocking was for...or who designed the pattern (I was busy doctoring up my coffee at this time...)... BUT I did catch that it was VERY cute!

Sandy also completed her first block to the Farmhouse Threads Mystery Christmas Quilt...Sandy knocked this block out of the ballpark with her stitching!  Amazing workmanship...and from someone who has just started working with wool!!  Her attention to detail was incredible!
And then there is Glynis...who, as you know, DOES NOT SLEEP!  I swear she must sit up in bed stitching...
In this picture, Glynis is working on the borders to her Farmhouse Mystery Christmas Quilt...such a sweet quilt top!
And some close-up shots...

And Glynis made some of the cutest snowman mug rugs...

And she stitched up this FREE pattern from Wooden Spools...dang cute wee pillow!
Yup, Glynis is STILL sewing...This Farmhouse Thread's quilt (Tree Trimming Party) is on MY TO DO LIST and is even cuter in REAL LIFE!!!  Glynis said that it was fast and easy...I beg to differ!  Just look at all those wee blocks...

And a close-up...Yup, I love this quilt!

Surely Glynis is at home right now SLEEPING?  Seriously, she really DOES need her own blog...and I have told her that...but I'm happy that she doesn't as she provides me with all this lovely blog fodder!  Unlike her, I get my full eight hours of  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs....haha:o)))

Thanks Sandy and Glynis for sharing your wonderful Christmas projects and for providing us with all this yummy and non-fattening candy!  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I agree Glynnis does need a blog, come on her how!

    Sandy's stitching is also very lovely.

  2. Love how the quilt blocks look all finished, I just kept a few of them to do as pillows, but it is a beautiful quilt.


  3. Sandy and Glynis continue to crank out beautiful work. It would be hard to keep up, but you do!

  4. So inspiring! I have to dig out my wool!

  5. I think if Glynis had a blog she wouldn't get half as much sewing done. I know this because I spend about as much time blog hopping and writing for my poor neglected blog as I do actually sewing most days. I love the projects your group does and glad they have you to share it with us!