Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Let the Gobbling, Gawking and Gabbing Continue...

So we have alread gobbled and gabbed at this year's Heritage Christmas Luncheon (see yesterday's post) it's time to continue the gawking!  Yesterday you checked out the Hot Pad let's gawk at this year's Christmas Quilts!

Feel free to wander...
This Tree Skirt is a Country Quilts (Cheryl Wall) Pattern.  Loved it!

This was a Christmas Challenge Quilt from last year...NEVER too late I say!

And another version of the same quilt!  Don't you love how the quilters put their own spin on the pattern and made it their own!

Yikes...look at that beautiful paper piecing!  Lovely!

There was a green version  of this table topper but it was too blurry to show!  Darn!

This quilt LOOKS complicated...but there are really only two blocks to make...can you see them?

Can you see the two now?

How about NOW?  See the FOUR PATCH BLOCK and the HALF SQUARE TRIANGLE!  It is all about how these two blocks go together!  All you have to do is make a million of them!  Brilliant!  Now go back and look at the whole quilt again!  Isn't it lovely!

I love the idea of what this quilt represents...FAMILY!

If you were a child in this family, wouldn't you be thrilled to see your name on one of the gifts?  

SEW special!

I hope your enjoyed this year's luncheon as much as I did.  I know...I only got to gawk...but trust me, I did enough gabbing and gobbling for the both of us! :o))) 

A special thank you to the Heritage Quilt Guild members for putting on another truly wonderful Christmas Luncheon!  It was outstanding!

Wishing you a wonderful and wild Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. All those Christmas creations are very joyful!

  2. Those Christmas package blocks remind me of blocks we did for a friends birthday many years ago. Ours were made viewing the package from the side with the bow on top. The finished quilt was cute.

    Lovely selection of quilts.

  3. Love your quilt show photos! The present quilt stole my heart! How precious!