Thursday, December 24, 2015


Glynis has been quilting A LONG  time...much longer than the rest of us!  As a result she has tons of oldies...Oldie Quilts that is!  The Tree Skirt that I am about to share with you is one such quilt...she made it years ago but it is still lovely and used every Christmas!  This is an old Cheryl Wall Design...maybe you know her as the force behind Country Quilts!

Anyway...let me show you the might just recognize it...

 She is big and beautiful...machine appliqued with lovely meander quilting!  I love the detail in each of the wedges....

Let me work my way around this skirt so that you can see for yourself...

I love the way there are the words LOVE, JOY and PEACE stitched around the quilt along with holly, stars and hearts!  (You can still buy the pattern to this tree skirt found HERE at the Whistle Stop Online Shop.)

This is a keeper for sure, a quilt that will get passed down to her daughters...but this is Christmas so we WON'T go there!  haha

Thanks for sharing, Glynis!  Once again you provided us with lots of eye candy this Christmas Eve day!

I saw an almost FULL MOON this morning!  Did you know that the last time there was a FULL moon on Dec. 25 was in 1977.....SEW you better drag yourself out of your sewing room and have a gander because the next full moon on Christmas Day night will be in 2034!  (Of course we could just stitch a FULL Moon onto our next Christmas Quilt and enjoy it every year...who needs to leave the comforts of your sewing room or wait around for 2034...just sayin'!)

On that note...I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas filled with LOVE, JOY and PEACE!   All the very best!~P


  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Paulette, and to all your creative friends as well! It's so lovely to have such a variety of wonderful stitching to admire. :D

  2. Didn't you show this before? I bought it recently because I saw it somewhere and thought it was here. It is beautiful. And I had heard about the full moon and have been watching it grow bigger each night. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Thank you for that bit of info re the full moon. I'm enjoying it tonight while I can because it may be raining tomorrow night. And I doubt that I will be around for the 2034 appearance. :-p Merry Christmas!

  4. Nice tree skirt. I have some Cheryl Wall patterns but don't remember one for a tree skirt. I made a salt box house quilt that was one of Cheryl's designs.