Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Domino At a Time...

I love the quilting online community...between blogging, Pinterest and Instagram we can pretty much find anything...and talk about inspiration!

I remember when I first stumbled onto the Pie Lady Quilts Blog...and saw the Winter Tree Quilt!  I HAD to make it!  I dropped 'Goals' went out the window!  What Goals?  :o))

Well ...when Robyn (a blogging friend) saw my Winter Tree quilt, she got the same rush and HAD to make it!  It's funny when you are so inspired that you drop EVERYTHING and start cutting! Well, like dominoes we fell...and fell hard!   (I like to called it 'Being Possessed'...the devil made me do it!)

 After seeing Robyn's Winter Trees, I KNOW that she is happy that she did!  It's gorgeous!

Don't you love the trees...and I love the way Robyn put in a few fir trees...a PERFECT addition!  I always marvel at the way we quilters always put our spin on a design and make it our own!
So Robyn and I would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to the Pie Lady for starting the chain of block at a time!  Actually, truth be told, Pinkadot Quilts started the was her tutorial that got us all started! Sometimes there are so many dominoes that it's hard to figure out which one was the first to fall!

Just in case Robyn inspired YOU to pick up that next domino, you can find Pinkadot Quilting Blog's tutorial HERE!  You can see the Pie Lady Quilt's Winter Trees HERE and HERE is my version.  Oh and you can see Glynis' Winter Trees HERE...and Claire's Winter Trees are still in motion!  (Stay tuned!) I said, we all fell and fell hard!  You have got to LOVE the internet!

What about YOU?  Have you ever been so inspired that you have dropped everything and jumped on to the quilt-wagon?  Come on we KNOW that it's happened to you!  What quilt/pattern inspired you to drop everything and get cutting?  And aren't you glad that you did?

Thanks for sharing, Robyn!  You gave us just the eye candy that we needed this morning!  Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching~P

PS...It looks like Helen Howes was the first domino.... being the designer who thought up this pattern! The dominoes who followed you thank YOU very much, Helen!!  You are brilliant!


  1. Your Winter Solstice blog quilt along was one I wanted to start cutting immediately but if you remember circumstances intervened (my Mom's car accident) but I did get it done and am entering it in the Wickenburg quilt show in January. Love the winter tree quilts!

  2. Hi Paulette, I just wanted to let you know that the originator or the pattern is Helen Howes.
    Since I love trees, I love seeing all the ways quilters use them.

  3. Oh yes, I know what you mean. It happens all the time! Remember Country Homecoming? Love all the versions of the tree quilt, and I adore the runner you showed us yesterday from Erin. Have a marvelous time with your Quilter daughter!

  4. Last drop everything inspiration for me, was the wee houses....which is still in progress....nearly finished......some of us are slower than others!

  5. My problem is that every time I see a pattern I love, I want to drop everything and start cutting. This can be quite disastrous as I end up with more UFOs than I can count. Your trees look fabulous, and this is such a unique pattern that I can see why anyone would want to stop what they were doing to get cutting.

  6. It is wonderful! The addition of evergreens is inspired. I love that this is a quilt whose technique inspires creativity and fact...a different sort of little addition just came to mind. Oh dear...there I go again!

  7. Me encanta tu quilt, es precioso. Un trabajo estupendo.

  8. Sweet! That's what friends are for. To inspire us to do the things we want to do and never think we have time for. Drop everything and quilt right now! I love this quilt.