Monday, December 21, 2015

My Flakey Friends...

Meet my fine Flakey friends...

There's Strider...

And Stevie...

And Soupy (he seems to be melting...)

And Spike (he's not as well rounded as the other...) and of course our aristocratic, Snowden (there is one in every crowd)!  

Have you ever made a gift where you hang onto it a 'little longer' then necessary?  You know... you pass the gift to the recipient, only to hang onto a corner and you DON'T LET GO!  Well that's how I felt about my Flakey Friends!  And THEY felt the same way about me...Here they are hiding in amongst the other ornies, trying to blend in...hoping that I wouldn't find them!

Well, find them I did...and they are now off to live in their 'forever' home...with a new owner who will, hopefully, appreciate them as much as I do!  Nah...not possible!

Good-bye...Strider, Stevie, Soupy, Spike and Snowden!  Oh man, I REALLY need to get out of the sewing room:o}}}...but first I NEED to make some more Snow Farmhouse Threads!  They really are dang Stinking CUTE!

Have a magically maniac-y Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Glad to hear you are making one for yourself! It sure is cute!

  2. Sweet guys, love their names. I also love those button star pillows. Have fun making your flakes.

  3. I need to get into my room, more, lol. I have a lot of fun snowman patterns with wool, so I need to put them together so I can have them to work on throughout the year.


  4. Wonderful to see your snowmen hiding amongst your treasures! I bet it was hard to send them along their way!