Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow Flakes...

The title of this post should be NO Flakes, as there are no snowflakes falling here...until I made this sweet wee runner!  This is a last minute Christmas Gift...and it is SNOW CUTE!
 As you can see it is a Farmhouse Threads Pattern called 'Snow Flakes' and it doesn't come much cuter than this!

Did I mention that it is a fast and easy pattern...perfect to make as a last minute gift!  

 The noses got stitched down last I will quilt it, stitch on the binding and sew on the mouths and eyes and she will be done!
DANG...I should have made TWO!  This is just too darn cute to give away!

You could quite easily make one too as this pattern is available in DOWNLOAD form from the Farmhouse Website!!  (OH Man, don't you LOVE the internet!!) This would take you ONE day to do...the equivalent of one audio book...or two Christmas movies... :o))  OR you could wash floors and vacuum...The choice is yours! :o))

Have a wickedly wild Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Just when I think I've got my UFO list under control I read your blog...thanks, I think.

  2. Oh I love your runner. I have the pattern somewhere and am going to dig it out and make some for next Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs

  3. I agree you should have made two , that is too darn cute to give away :-)

  4. I swear Paulette, I wish I could make things as quickly as you do! I loved your little vintage table runners and this snowflake gift is adorable!

  5. a cute runner but not sure it would only take a day for me must admit beats washing the floor hands down!!

  6. I made 8 of those last Christmas. Love it. I have mine in the coach with us while traveling the south. They also have an Easter one that is just as cute. Love it. Go make another one.