Thursday, December 10, 2015

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the Season...for Gift Giving and getting together with friends!

Thank you to my dear friends (YOU know who you are!)...I LOVED it ALL!  Check it out~
Little sewing keepers stitched in wonderful Sewing motifs...
And a close-up!
This lovely woolie owl was tucking inside one of the baskets!  Darn stinking CUTE!
Wee Pillows are definitely 'IN' this year...or ANY year, for that matter!  Love the way this one is on the angle...and look at those wee sheep!  Love it!  I can see it tucked into a special wooden box!  (I'm on the hunt!)
This unusual and very cute 'to:Santa Dish' was included with the adorable snowman pillow...along with some chocolates... which mysteriously vanished!  Was it the chocolate around my mouth that gave me away?:o)
I can strike this sweet pillow off  MY TO-DO LIST...SOOOO adorable!  It's a Buttermilk Basin  Pattern and it was featured in either Quiltmania Magazine or Primitive Quilts Magazine!  Also...Check out the home-made blackberry jam, lavender sachet and ornament!  Yup...we were so spoiled this year!                                    
Here's a close-up!  Please don't drool on my pillows...:o))
I wish you could see this one in 'real life''s exquisite!  The small wee details on this pillow are amazing (can you see the crow and tree...and the wee house?...)
You need a close-up...sweet, isn't it!
I added the smallest pillow to make my bowl complete!  These are the wee pillows that I have received throughout the years from very special friends!  Pillows that I will treasure FOREVER!

Looks like I am on the hunt for new containers for pillow keepers!  Maybe a tool box or a wooden bowl...ohhhh (lightbulb moment!) ...I have that big old mixing bowl and those sewing machine drawers! I need to get them out!  

So it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere I go!  (I am really getting into the spirit! haha)  I can hear the wind blowing and the rain hitting the windows this morning...sounds like a great day to spend in the sewing room, listening to Christmas music and remembering Christmases of long, long ago...'cause I'll be home for Christmas, just you wait and seeeeee.....

Wishing you a thrilling Thursday and some quality stitching time too!  All the best!~P


  1. I love everything in your photos!

  2. Lovely gifts! The little Santa pillow is my favourite. So many details! Thanks for sharing and Happy Stitching!

  3. Love all your sweet little Christmas pillows, and with your luck, I'll bet you find a lovely wooden box at your next garage sale or thrift shop. We've had a power outage here for a couple of hours, but things are back to normal now, so I may get some sewing in. Isn't it fun getting out all your Christmas decorations and displaying them this year?

  4. Santa and the sheep is my favorite. I need some smaller wooden thingamajigs too for displaying these sort of things.

  5. These are all gorgeous!! Lucky you!!!

  6. Love all the pillows you got at your exchange! Aren't good friends just the best?

  7. They all look like wonderful little gifties.

  8. Lots of wonderful pieces and I do love the santa and sheep.