Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carol Wishes YOU a Mini Christmas!...

At Heritage on Monday, Carol was busy sewing the binding down on this sweet little Christmas quilt...If it looks familiar it's because it's from the 'We Wish You a Mini Christmas' Free Block Give Away sponsored by Temecula Quilt Co. Blog!
 Carol loved her scrap happy version so much, that she made a second quilt...this time in red and white!
 Now Carol has a pair of darn sweet quilts!  And wasn't it darn SWEET of Temecula Quilt Co. to sponsor this Sew-A-Long during the busiest time of the year!  (If you missed it, the pattern is still available!)  Thank you SEW much, Temecula!

I love it when I am able to share pictures of other quilters' creations... and when it something that they have made as the result of reading and following someone else's blog, I am thrilled!  It means that there are actually people 'out there' reading and following...and it must be lovely validation to the bloggers/designers when they see their patterns take hundreds...maybe even thousands of quilters!  

So THANK YOU to the quilt DESIGNERS 'out there' who sponsored FREE BLOCK/Quilt Pattern Give Aways this Christmas!  It was wonderful FUN and we REALLY appreciated it!  It was like Christmas morning every day...for several weeks!  

Only two more days to go...and there is SNOW on the ground again this morning, with more falling...and I have grocery shopping to do!  UGH!  I might be giving my LIST to My Elf to do...he's a great shopper, as long as I am VERY never write just MILK...or lord knows what you will get  (half and half).  I once wrote 2 cans of clams to make Clam Sauce and got two cans of smoked clams.  BUT hey, now is not the time to be critical!  Our turkey dinner will be very interesting this say the least!

Have a wild and wicked Wednesday (which is a given if you still have gifts to buy!) and I hope you get a little time for some happy Stitching!  It is a great stress reliever...that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! ~P:o))


  1. As for snow we are getting rain and more rain here in Salem Oregon but the mountains are getting the snow. Last year they measure in inch now we are measuring in feet thanks goodness we need it. Thanks for doing a wonderful job in Blogging. Merry Christmas.

  2. Love seeing the quilts made by other wonderful quilters and yourself of course. Here in the UK we have lots and lots of rain and mild temperatures, so everyone has colds! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, can't wait to see your trip south in the New Year. Even though I am stuck here your posts make it like we are there with you too. Hugs, Susie x

  3. No snow here in Saanichton, thankfully. I love the cute quilts from Carol, and I love that Temecula sponsored another Christmas mini-quilt sew-a-long. Hope they continue to do this each year. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Paulette, and a very Happy New Year.