Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gabbing, Gobbling and Gawking...

Yesterday was Heritage Quilt Guild's annual Christmas Luncheon and man, did we have a good time!  Lots of gabbing, gobbling and gawking!
See the food tables...three tables went across the room..and this was the first course... the appetizers!  The salads and main course dishes went on after these platters were taken away!  The desserts were amazing and went right across the tables!  And of course, it wouldn't be polite if you didn't take a bit of EVERYTHING!
 The gabbing came in the form of lots of quilty talk (of course) and each table got a Quilty Crossword to complete!  WHAT...WE HAVE TO THINK?!  Who knew that thinking could be such fun?  We came up with some doozie answers, but squeeze as you might, we could not get those letters to fit into the boxes... but it was sure fun trying!  And no we did not win..haha

Here's our table...from lt to rt. Glynis, Hazel, (Carol WHERE are YOU?...missing), Delores and Sandy.
The gobbling came in the form of partaking in some wonderful FOOD!  If there is one thing that quilters KNOW how to do, it's bake and eat...and we did both nicely!  Delicious!

And the gawking?..get your mind out of the gutter!  No, the Chippendales did not come and entertain...besides they have GOT to be in their 90s by now!  The gawking came in the form of  some something much HOTTER then watching old geezers shake their bells. The Guild put out a challenge to members to make Christmas Hot Pads...no bigger than 30cm.  They even supplied the silver insulating batting!  The member took up this task with gusto as there were over 70 entries!

Do some gawking of your own...

 Aren't they wonderful...and some of them even jingled!  Anyone of these would make the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer!  

Some beautiful Christmas Quilts were finished this year as well...but I will save those for tomorrow!
Until then, let's finish off with a Christmas Song...

"O Christmas Quilt, O Christmas Quilt.....
Thy Patches stitched so tightly,
O Christmas Quilt, O Christmas Quilt,
Thy fabric shines so brightly!
From top to bottom, so warm at night,
There's only splendor for your sight.
O Christmas Quilt!  O Christmas Quilt!
You're snug in bed so tightly!"

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wow you have a very active guild that is prolific as well. Those are adorabl hot pads and what a great challenge. I love your descriptions of the plan, you always make me laugh. Can't wait to see the quilts tomorrow. Hugs

  2. What a creative group you have. Those hot pads are just adorable. Will your guild donate them?
    What a fun holiday party.

  3. You sure know how to have a good time.. THanks for sharing.

  4. Chippendale = dancers, Chip'n'Dale = chipmunks. I am trying hard not to say anything else about that!

    It's nice to see everyone dressed up and having fun at the party! I can see it was a good time. :D

  5. Some imaginative designs, some to lovely or fun to be used for that purpose. Which one was yours Paulette?

  6. What a fun get together and so many wonderful quilts, love the minis and all the fun designs.


  7. oh, I love the hot pad challenge. What a great idea.

  8. What a fun guild you belong to! I love the pot holder idea!

  9. Your guild is just a hoot and a holler. What a fun idea for the hot pads. They all were super cute. Did you exchange them?

  10. sounds and looks like a wonderful time wa had at the gathering, some beautiful makes too

  11. Did you trade hot pads or was it just a competition for the best one? Or just a show and tell type thing?
    I never saw the Chippendales in person but did see another group.....in my much younger days.