Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's a Finish...for Glynis!

Yup, it's a finish for Glynis!  Last Monday, Glynis was busy stitching down the binding on this sweet mat, which is a gift for her daughter!

When the magazine, 'Simply Vintage' arrives at a Book Shop in downtown Victoria, they phone Glynis to let her know that it's 'IN'.  Glynis phones her daughter, (who lives in Victoria) and asks her to pick it up for her...Of course, Glynis' daughter does just that... and in the process, flips through the magazine...spots this sweet mat and asks her mama to make it for her!  What's a mama to do but whip it and surprise her sweet daughter...after all, she wants these magazines to continue arriving at her doorstep...along with a visit from her DD! 

 Check out the low volume background fabric! Love it!  Glynis was saying that she still needs to add the eyes to her bird but other than that, this mat is ready for gifting!
 Very pretty...and will look lovely on her daughter's wall/table come Spring!
Thanks for sharing you had a choice!

Have a super Saturday and keep on stitching!~P


  1. I am glad to see this one finished. Great job, Glynis! I always wonder how to machine quilt around wool, and this stipple does the trick. Thanks for the update, Paulette!

  2. Who gets more done? Glynnis or Claire? They both seem to pop those projects out fast and well done.

    1. No question, Karen, Glynis and Paulette get way more done than me! I am not good at machine quilting so have numerous unfinished projects waiting for hand quilting. That's why I love wool projects so much. Good thing there are no quilt police!

  3. Paulette este trabajo es muy bonito!!
    buen domingo

  4. It's beautiful Glynnis! Love how the flowers "pop"!

  5. very nice love the backing fabric that does not detract from the beautiful applique

  6. Congratulations Glynnis on a lovely finish, your daighter will definitely enjoy this piece for many years, Great colour choices. I've thought of making one and now it is moving up the list!

  7. The print and this appliqué so excites me - I am getting back into sewing after 15 years and am in the process of buying either a Bernina 770 QE or a Janome S9 - (the decision process is driving me a bit crazy) I want to incorporate my poetry and photography so embroidery is key. I ADORE your style and am a new follower!

  8. catching up on my blog reading and seeing what is in my Simply Vintage magazine, LOL