Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Renditions in Rags...

Earlier this year, The Five Bags Full discovered Val's Wool Shop...called 'Renditions in Rags'...You can read about our first trip HERE!  Well yesterday, we made a return trip...and I swear this shop continues to get better and better!

Check out the Shop...just a reminder that the shop is in Val's home.

There were tons of things for Sale as Val is having an Open House Sale this weekend!  (We didn't know...:o))

We were after wool remember...and man, Val HAS wool...and at a VERY reasonable price...$4 for fat eighths...baskets of them were on top of all the shelves!

... and $6 for Fat Quarters...there was a whole wall of them!  Metre lengths (39") were $15-18! (I didn't get a picture of these...darn!)

 And then there were all the rugs for sale!  LOVED that wee framed chickadee at the bottom!

 The sweetest little woolie lambs...
 The lavender sachets were so fragrant that we each had to buy one and then Val ended up gifting them to us!  She is such a sweet lady!
 The penny rug pillows were gorgeous!!  Val and her hubby went on a road trip this summer and she ended up making a million pennies during the drive!  She turned them into pillows!  Isn't that red and green one perfect for Christmas (above right hand corner!)!!

Check out the wool kits that Val has put together...(below left...on the rack)!  Imagine a large pack of wool for $6!!
 And lovely, lovely rugs...some vibrant and others muted, but all beautiful!

AND I loved these wool corn husks!  Wouldn't they look wonderful tucked in with my bowl-filler pillows!  They were part of a class that Val teaches.  

Val was even selling signs for her neighbour!  They were wonderful, painted on old barn wool...

Some times it's the small things in life that brings the most joy...WOOL CANDY for 50 cents each!!!  EUREKA!!
 Yup, I was so deep in this basket that all you could see were my feet sticking out!

 Check out my loot...

A fat quarter of this brown/beige wool...perfect for making pine-cones or baskets!

 I was dancing up and down when I found these two green fat eights...I had bought this green wool on my last visit and had used it all up...loved it!  Perfect for leaves and stems!

 All of this wool (below) was from the Candy Basket...50 cents each!  Such a BARGAIN!  Lovely hand dyed wools and big pieces too!
And the lavender sachet that Val gifted to each of us!  Made our wool even sweeter...if that's possible!


 Thank YOU, Val, for another lovely visit!

If you are visiting the Chemainus area (Chemainus is in between Duncan and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island) then swing by and visit Val.  Her shop/home is open Tuesdays and most Fridays and Sundays.  You can get more information on her Facebook page..but make sure you check with Val at Renditions to Rags Hooked and Braided Rugs before you drive over!  I don't want you to miss out!  Also if you want to see MORE of what Val has to offer, then check out her FB page...tons of pictures of the wonderful projects that she teaches!  If you are into wool...and live on our Island then it is certainly worth the drive up/down...and make a day of it!  There are lots of great places to eat and shop while in Chemainus!

Have a wild and woolie Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow, what a wonderful, fun day at that great shop. What a blast of colour on a rainy day. Perfect for the woolies. Thank you for sharing

  2. What a treasure trove of woolly goodness.

  3. Be still my heart. Yikes, such self control. I'd bought way more than you did--lol! Yes, wonderful prices. It would be hard to pick which color to buy. Now-------didn't the rugs temp you to learn to hook?
    I know you'd love it.

  4. Oh, what a wool heaven!! Seriously, you didn't bring home more than that? Did you need me there to help you choose?
    Looks like such a playground in there!!

  5. I would say you scored once again.

  6. Wow! Wish I lived closer! I think you showed great restraint!

  7. Looks like you all had a great day, those corn husks are fun! Great stash enhancement!

  8. OMG, you must have been in 7th heaven. This shop is fantastic, and wonderful to have something so close to home. Must be a first for Vancouver Island.

  9. Dang, you scored. I would have so much! Great prices

  10. Dang, you scored. I would have so much! Great prices

  11. WOW!! Those little wool pieces are amazing. And such bargains!!!

  12. I love that store, she has so many beautiful things and such variety. I know you had fun shopping there;)


  13. Fun, fun, fun! So many wonderful pieces and ideas.

  14. What can be more fun than visiting a shop that fills the heart and mind of the stitcher - beautiful wools and sweet lavender!

  15. Those ears of corn are unusual. Not something I would have dreamed up but works well.