Monday, October 3, 2016

"W"ell Done!

 First off, hasn't the Buttermilk Basin 'Let It Snow' BOM been fun!  Each and every month...for the last seven months... Stacy has designed and gifted a letter block spelling out LET IT SNOW... and each block has been absolutely delightful!  It has really hit Blogland and Instagram by storm!  I know of at least SIX quilters stitching it here at home! And isn't it wonderful to see all the difference versions of the same block!

Here is the 'W' Block that my friend Claire finished last week!...Can you see how she changed up this block and made it her own...?
See the snowflake Stacy's original pattern, she has the snowman holding a chain of stars and hearts...which is sweet but I REALLY like Claire's chain of snowflakes!  It is totally something that a snowman would make...don't you think?
Yup, it's a 'W'INNNER!  Thanks for sharing, Claire!

This ends the letter portion of the blocks...there are a few empty spaces on the quilt (at the beginning/end of the words) that need 'something'...I can't wait to see how Stacy finishes off those blocks!

Thank YOU, SEW much Stacy!  What a fun quilt and what a talent you are!  This was no easy feat for you...each and every month coming up with a new and 'W'ONDERFUL block and then writing the instructions and PDF!  We woolies really appreciated you taking time out of your busy and hectic life to design something incredible!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Stacy's endless ideas leave me in awe. She is super-human!
    Love what your friend did to this block. I may have to borrow her snowflake chain idea when I get around to making these. I want mine to have a winter theme, not Christmas.

  2. Great job, Claire! I agree, that snowflake chain is beautiful, and the yarn-dye background is pretty gorgeous too. Thanks, Paulette!

  3. I have to agree, love Claire's snowflake chain. Makes it look more like winter. It will be interesting to see what the blank blocks will be. Has been a fun project.

  4. I've put my W fella together as prescribed, however, I have an earlier snowman that's still wanting to hold something. This will go on my idear list!

  5. I've enjoyed seeing the twists that people do to make the blocks their own. Claire's idea is sweet.

    Hoping the next block comes soon! I want this done to display this year!

  6. Beautiful "W" block Claire! Love how you changed it up!

  7. I love her block, beautiful wool choices and embroidery.


  8. Stacy is very generous sharing this delightful pattern. I like the snowflake garland. I might have to remember that.