Sunday, October 23, 2016


Yesterday I wrote about 'A Change of Season', Bonnie Sullivan's newest book!  I love it!  SEW many wonderful projects in this book but it was the 'Christmas Stockings' and the Autumn Quilt on the cover that caught my eye!

Isn't this Fall Quilt spectacular!!

Recently I bought another FAVOURITE book...found it in a quilt shop in Ottawa... and I haven't been able to put it down!  Such eye candy...
Oh man, Kathy Schmitz knows how to draw, design and stitch!

Just check out the workmanship!  Amazing!

So there I am with my TWO new two new FAVOURITE BOOKS...both were released within months of each other, both written by two very talented and accomplished artists, both pertaining to quilting...and then it dawned on was an "AAAHHHA moment...the moment  when I remembered that these two ladies are SISTERS!  Yup, they share the same DNA...the same gene that makes them wonderful quilters, the same gene that makes them incredibly talented artists, designers, stitchers!  I bet mom was a quilter...or maybe grandma...or maybe BOTH?  They had to have been influenced by someone to both take off in the area of quilting.  Maybe they influenced each other!  Regardless, I'm so happy that they both use quilting as a forum to release their creative talents!  We are the ones who benefit...we are the lucky ones!!

Their mother must be so proud!:o)

Both of these books are available on Amazon and Connecting Threads...just sayin'...

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Their mother is a wonderful quilter I saw her work when I lived in Salem,OR. Yes these sisters are so talented.

  2. Yes, sisters, who live in Oregon, one in Portland the other in Salem. Their mother is a quilter and does fabulous needle turn applique.

  3. thanks for sharing thee books with us a very talented family

  4. I too am drawn to both designers works. I did not know they were sisters. Thanks for the info

  5. I'm with you on these books! I recently ordered Bonnie's book and I'm so in love with the cover model on Kathy's book!

  6. Sisters?! Makes me like them even more ;) I think that both books will be going on my Christmas wish list :)
    Blessings, Patti