Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Heritage Happenings....

It was another busy month for the quilters at Heritage Quilt Guild!  There is always lots happening...and every week a workshop or meeting of some sort is occurring!

Check out the quilts...
The sweetest panel...makes for a gorgeous baby quilt!
 I am loving this string quilt...
 And there is always a WIP (work in prgogrss)...this is what Sandy was working one!  Cheri Payne's FREE BOM...Blackbird Gatherings...Isn't the wool that she used for the hive PERFECT!!

Check out Vickie's bag...made out of the cutest fabric.  The animals are doing Yoga!~Who thinks of these things? haha



It's these baby quilts that are used the most...simple, soft and cozy and wash up like rags!

 And the back is cute as can be too!
 LOVE this owl quilt!!  Ahhhhdorable!
 Now this is a quilt everyone can love and appreciate!  Simply wonderful!
 And I love this quilt...blues at their best!

A jungle themed quilt for that wild guy in your life!

 I thought this one had a different and unusual layout!  Again simple but very effective!  Love it!
 A wonderful wee scrap-happy quilt!
 Delores whipped this up for her grandson who is about to lose his first wobbly tooth!  It's a tooth keeper monster!  He will put the tooth in the monster's mouth and put it under his pillow!  I sure hope the Toothfairy won't have to wrestle too hard to retrieve it from the monster's mouth!

 The pattern can be found in this Art to Heart book...there is also a Princess Tooth Pillow!

There are tons of sweet projects in this book!  Love the monster pillow!  Something for every wee monster...or robot!

 OR any princess!

More WIPs...this is what Delores was working on despite her quilting injuries!  Who knew that quilting was hazardous to your health?!

 Another finish for Glynis...this one went to charity!  Too sweet!

 Carolyn shared a gift that she received last year...
 It's an ironing board hanger...you drape it over your ironing board.  At each end there are pockets to hold your 'stuff' and a pincushion in the centre...
 And look at how you can remove the pincushion!  Very clever!  This would also work well on the arm of a chair or couch!
 Yesterday Carolyn demonstrated how to make this sewing machine pedal keeper.  You place your pedal on the rubber pad to keep it from slipping around on the floor!  Easy to make...sew binding around two pieces of rubber gripper stuff...and then hand stitch a roll at the top.  It's the roll that keeps the pedal on the mat and the rubber gripper 'stuff'  keeps the pedal from slipping across the floor!  I am going to be making one of these for sure!!  Thanks, Carolyn!

Nancy is the queen of Scrap-Happy and she didn't disappoint!!  LOVE this one!

The ladies had a difficult time trying to hold this one up!  Michelle made this one for her son...What I loved about this one is that it's a duvet cover!  She had Hazel machine quilt a sheet onto the back of the top (no batting...and by doing this, her top won't fray) and then Michelle sewed another sheet onto the top cover leaving a big space for the zipper closing!

Now her son can zipper his feather duvet into the bag and mama can say she made him a quilt!  And it's gorgeous to boot!

 More scrap happy charity quilts...two of them!

 And someone is getting a jump on their Christmas gifts and it's only the beginning of October!  She is clearly making the rest of us look bad!  Lovely runners...with nary a cat, bat or pumpkin in sight!
So there you have it!  A little bit of everything!  Hopefully you found something to inspire you!  I know I did!  Such a prolific, talented group!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. What a prolific group you have.. beautiful projects.

  2. As always, lots of wonderful inspiration. I especially like the small scrappy quilt.

  3. Some lovely quilts shared. What happen to her hand! That looks like ?carpal tunnel or what?

  4. The ladies have been busy, love seeing what they are making, so many wonderful quilts and woolies. I love that panel, looks like appliqué at first glance.


  5. WOW!! that's overload! HA Some beautiful projects (love rag quilts and made a gazillion or thereabouts), LOVE Art to Heart..thanks for sharing it all!

  6. Love that Pooh panel! And that string quilt has great depth! I can't begin to comment on everything, but will say I love the wee scrappy quilt. : )

  7. LOVE those animal yoga prints!!! Any idea what they are called?

  8. Beautiful scrappy quilt! Lots of inspiration here! Thanks for sharing,

  9. Loved them all but especially the Winnie the Pooh and the animal yoga bag and fabric--adorable!

  10. SO much inspiration in this post...I read it twice!! Thanks!!

  11. Love the animal print made into the small bag. Would be great for a teen-ager gift.