Friday, October 14, 2016

Calgary Quilt Shops...and the LOOT!

My heart always starts beating a little faster when I enter 'Out of Hand' Quilt Shop in Calgary!  They have EVERYTHING that I LOVE!! They carry Diamond Textile fabric, Liberty, Homespuns, Civil War, the patterns to go with it and they also carry the magazines that are so hard to Quiltmania and Homespun!  Strangely enough this shop is also my modern quilting daughter's favourite shop too!  She LOVES 'Out of Hand' because they carry all of the modern fabrics, the latest gizmos and gadgets and all of the modern magazines!

This is their Liberty corner and just a glimpse at some of their magazines....

They have wool threads for wool work,  Valdani perle cottons, ribbons, buttons and bangles!  You name it they have it!

 They also have tons of pre-cuts and FQ bundles!  Check out the stacks of Quiltmania magazines!
 Also check out their wool corner...and wool threads (left)...all I can say is, if I lived here I would need to go back to work to support my 'habit'!
 You really need AT LEAST two visits to this store as there is just too much to take in.  (We went on Friday and Saturday and saw new and different things each time!)  There are, of course quilts hanging everywhere but I was asked not to take pictures of any of them but I at least got to take pictures of the goodies!

Then it was time for the next shop...which we visited on Sunday...YES, they are open on Sunday, even on Thanksgiving weekend!  Yeehaw!  'The Sewing Room' is huge and has most things that a quilter would need...

I loved their window display...I was going to look for this cat quilt pattern but forgot about it the moment I entered the shop!  My mind is like that....;o}} It turns to mush...
 The very nice sales lady was delighted  that I wanted to take pictures!  I love that!

 Yes, they carried WOOL and wool patterns...and they had lots of samples made up!

Our next stop was 'Along Came Quilting', another wonderful shop...and yes, I dropped a fair bit of coin here!!  I found stuff that I had been looking for for ages..and of course, my mind turned to mush...!  In my excitement of the discover (kind of like finding that huge nugget of GOLD...and yelling EUREKA!!... but in my mind...not outloud!) I forgot to take pictures!!  Sorry....:o(  
I hope to make it up to you by showing you the LOOT pictures...

I found some 'Darling Little Dickens' Charm off the presses!  I had my eye on these online over at Fat Quarter Shop (it said the fabric wouldn't be in until November!) but they had the Charm Packs in Calgary!!...The cutest baby prints EVER!

Wool...I REALLY needed some rose colour wool...and was considering getting out the dye pot if I didn't find some soon...

I found the latest 'Homespun' magazine...and an older issue of Quiltmania (must be still in the car?)...Love the improv Apple Quilt on the cover!

 Yes, these are Liberty fabrics to add to my growing collection!
 I wanted some newsprint fabric...and found some!
 And a girl can't go home without a few Homespuns!
 Notions that I NEEDED badly...Chenille needles, marking pens, and I wanted to try the Hiroshima Chenille Tulip needles even though they were pricey.
Wool threads by Genziana...LOVE this thread and I can't find it on Vancouver Island!!  I came prepared with a list of colours...didn't find the EXACT numbers but close enough!  They got all fuzzy from the lint from the Charm Packs!

I found these Liberty wannabes Fat Quarters at 'The Sewing Room'...they are from the line 'Regent Street'.  The fabric looks just Liberty fabric but they have a heavier weight to them.

This was what got me so excited...screaming "EUREKA" (in my mind...;o)...Regent Street Layer Cake!  It's the Liberty wannabe was expensive but not nearly as expensive as the real stuff...and sometimes a quilter just HAS to bite the bullet and shell out!

 So clutching my Regent Street Layer Cake, I left the shop screaming "START THE CAR!!  START THE CAR!" :o)

We also hit Ikea...and I found my straws!  Big FAT ones...perfect for my fruit smoothies!  Do you know how hard it is to find PERFECT straws?  I know, I know...they are bad for the landfills...but I am really good at recycling them...honest!

So it was a VERY successful shopping weekend!  Did you notice the SNOW on the sidewalks outside the shops...yes, it SNOWED during our visit but it didn't slow us down!  Who needs boots or a winter coat when the shops were warm and the sidewalks were shoveled!  It was all good!

Have a FUN Friday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Ha, that is funny, the first thing I noticed was the snow! I usually see fabric first! I love all the loot. And I am interested in seeing how you like the Tulip needles. I have not used the chenille yet, but I LOVE the #10 big eye applique needles. Yes, they are a bit pricey but I have been using them for over two years and I am still on my first package. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I guess you did have fun. Love your loot. Yep, it's getting that time of year for the "white stuff".

  3. And I hadn't noticed the snow at all! Yikes--it is too early for that kind of thing.
    You, my dear, had way too much fun!! Looks like you hit some fabulous shops. I would probably have had to be someone's indentured servant to get out alive, but then I wouldn't get out because I would be working off my debt. It is just best that I was not there. : )

  4. Wow.. looks like a great quilt shop tour! And your finds look wonderful! So jealous.

  5. Wow! Beautiful shops! My blood pressure would have been through the roof and I would have had to take out a loan. LOL I can completely understand how excited you were. Have a great weekend!

  6. I know this is off topic but are you and Rick heading south this year??

  7. Looks like you had a fun time shopping. I'm loving all your loot, thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  8. I knew when you said loot, there would be some good stuff to look at both at the stores and what you brought home.

  9. Fabulous shop ♥ Nice photos too ♥

  10. Great shops and fun to see the inside and what they have in stock. Looks like you got lots of goodies and fun things to quilt with.


  11. Nice "haul" Paulette! Especially the Little Darling and Regent Street fabrics! They look like fun shops to visit. And no sales tax!

  12. Lucky girl, I'd love to visit those shops.

  13. what a fantastic shop have never been to a large patchwork shop they are none around me. Good to see stitch magazine, it is the only one I buy reguarly have them all. So much amazing fabric wow

  14. Thank you for the thorough account. I love that you went back twice, ideally I like to do that. It sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving Weekend.

  15. All I can say is WOWIE! These are three awesome shops that I would LOVE to visit (and visit often)! :-) Have a beautiful weekend!

  16. Fabulous loot, P. And those Liberty look-a-likes are great. Love the newsprint fabric as well. Now comes the decision: what to make with it all.

  17. THank you for sharing the much inspiration and well, looks like it was a fun day!!

  18. Miss these great shops. Thanks for the pics Paulette. Lori