Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pillows in Reviews.....

This year, one of  the goals for our woolie group, "The Five Bags Full", was to fill a bowl with seasonal pillows!  We sailed through Christmas with stacks of pretty wee pillows...many of them could be carried through to Winter! YEAH!

Our Christmas Gifts to each other were, of course, Wee's going to be such a joy to bring out  these wonderful bowl fillers this holiday season!!  I can't wait!

Then came Valentine's Day...( I heart you!)

I even stitched some Gingerbread LOVE...

And Spring....ahhhhhhhh.....
Yes, the BAGS outdid themselves for Spring!

Summer was a fun season to stitch....

Throughout the year, Wee pillows made wonderful birthday gifts...both given and...

And of course we stitched some of our favourite designers' pillows... like Buttermilk Basin ...

And Kathy Cardiff....such FUN!

SEW... now Fall is upon us and  The BAGS are losing steam...or at least this BAG is!  We have this ONE Season to go!  That's ONE more bowl to fill!  WE CAN DO THIS!  Let's think black cats, pumpkins and Falling leaves...and after this Season our bowls will be FULL all year long...we will never go hungry again(for pillows, that is!)...Think about it..we will never have to stitch another WEE PILLOW!!!  How exciting is that!  So come on BAGS...pick up that needle and thread and those scraps of wool... and get stitching!  The Finish Line is in sight!!  Hey, they don't call us the 'Five BAGS FULL' for nothing!  

(I'll keep you posted on how the BAGS do!!:o)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Gorgeous! I like the fact that you mix techniques - some wool, some sticheries. I'll share your post with French quilters if that's OK with you. It is sure to inspire them.

  2. I love all your wee pillows. I need to get going on mine. I've been so busy the last two weeks, I've barely had any time to sew. But, I'll try to do better this week coming up.

  3. Oh these are just so them--What a super idea for little gifts (to moi?? hahaha); do you use the envelope closings?? I just may have to make some--hugs, Julierose

  4. Love all your pillows, I'd be more inclined to make some if I had a nice wooden bowl. I've got my pumpkin quilt hanging also, but took a short cut and didn't put the vines in the border. I wanted done!

  5. Well, I caught the bug from you, but I have a long way to go to have my bowls filled all year long. Working on a Thanksgiving wee pillow tonight. Almost finished stitching and then I need to make it into a pillow.
    I am inspired by all I see here!

  6. They all look wonderful and woolly pillows are fun to make. I am working on some halloween ones from Kathy's newest stitchers club design.


  7. what an amazing collection you have made enjoy the fall ones they will be lovely colours too

  8. How wonderful to see all your beautiful little pillows all in one post! I love them!

  9. What a great collection you've made and shared, I can start seeing the need for sub categories of themes to come along.

    Maybe theatre snacks! Pop corn and and tea? Have fun with them.

  10. Well, let me encourage you all! These pillows have been so fun to see all year. So many great ideas! So cute! You're almost there. :D

  11. What an awesome collection of wee pillows. The other gals have probably rallied their last bit of energy to finish fall because of your positive cheerleading.