Monday, May 9, 2016

Victoria Guild's Quilt Show...the Vendors!

Visiting the vendors' booths at the Victoria Quilt Show is always a treat!  Here were a few of my favourites... 

 Hamels Fabric from Chilliwack, was bursting at the seams with goodies!

Cloth Castle had the sweetest quilts on display!  Perfect baby/child's quilts!

Along with long arm machines!

Fibre Expressions' booth was a fun place to look....and explore!

I even had a high school reunion of is Leslie a high school friend, happily cutting fabric for our local Duncan quilt shop's booth, Creative Quilting!  Yes, there were tons of people in line but they somehow scattered when I brought out the camera!  :o))

This from Quilter's Dream Fabrics booth, (a Vancouver company)... was selling tons of yarn dyed and printed Japanese fabrics!

The Victoria Guild had a Store...selling tons of quilts, aprons, pot holders, and ready made gifts...etc 

Stitch Bobbin Had 'THE FABRIC' that I was looking I was able to buy backing for the Grad Quilt!!  (insert happy dance here...)

My first and favourite booth was 'A Threaded Needle'....the booth that sells Diamond Textiles fabrics!  

With all the Mystery BOMs that I have been doing, my Diamond Textile had dwindled...Oh, man....look at the selection...and there was MORE!!

                                went around the corner!

Sandy wanted to try her hand at making a bag...but the selection was too great!
Decisions...decisions....She finally settled on this beauty...
Besides the fabrics, Sandy also bought the hardware...NEVER ask a quilter how much a quilt cost to make!  The same rule applies to bags!  Just sayin'...:o}}

I know you want to see the LOOT!  Yes, I bought some Diamond could I NOT!  SEW pretty!  

A Spool of black wool thread by Genziana.  Love that thread for wool work!

And the backing fabric...called 'Chipper' or 'Chippy' by Tula Pink for the Grad quilt's backing...and some wee buttons...from the Steam Trunk.

It was off to lunch for us and then homeward bound...over the Malahat we tootled, with our loot in tow!  And we lived Happily Ever After...UNTIL the next Quilt Show... which is NEXT MONTH!!  June 10th in Nanaimo, to be exact!  Hey, we get to do it all over again!  YIPPEE!!  Yes, there is Quilting God! ...... THE END!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching! P


  1. Stitch & Bobbin is a lovely shop in North Vancouver. She has a great selection of fabrics.

    Love your fabric choices from A Threaded Needle.

    Lorna from Quilter's Dream has such wonderful Japanese fabrics.

    How fun you ran into your classmate!

  2. Too much fun for just half a day, I'd say!!

  3. Looks like a great show and great buys. I wanted to get the diamond textiles to add to my collection but they are so pricey, figured I could wait;)


  4. LOL..isn't a quilting day out just the best.

  5. The Threaded Needle was at the Creative Stitches show in March and their fabric and purses were to die for! Great looking loot Paulette! A good time was had by all!

  6. The whale quilt would make a good boy's quilt.

  7. Don't you love the giddy feeling that comes from attending a quilt show - sensory overload - inspiration from all directions!

  8. Oh, gosh, now I want to go shopping!