Friday, May 20, 2016

UFO (almost) Busted...

I just finished stitching "Under the Stars" by 'A Piece of Work'!!  YAYYYY!  This has been in a tote for a couple of years now...not long by UFO standards but still...long enough!

So I now have a dilemma of sorts....should I turn it into a mat...or frame it... or turn it into a couch  pillow?  Ahhh.. the decisions of a a quilter!  :o)))  Problems like this, I LOVE!!

This...pillow/mat/picture... is going to make a wonderful Fall accessory, sporting all these lovely Fall colours!
 The pattern and wool were gifts from a fellow woolie...and I LOVE THEM!  SEW...why was it in a tote so long?....  Fifty lashes with a wet piece of wool for me!!
If I was a good blogger, I would have pressed this mat...but you get what you get!  I will have it all pressed for the final reveal...I promise!

SEW...while I mull this over....check out what arrived in the mail yesterday!!  Finishing only UFOs would turn me into a VERY dull I am jumping on Kaaren (Painted Quilt's Blog) and making her 'Stopped Me In My Tracks' quilt...because frankly 'it stopped ME in my tracks'!

Isn't it pretty...yes, it's the same fabric that Kaaren is using...Thimbleberries fabric (ordered from Missouri Star)!  I say, why mess with a good thing!  I see cutting in my future...lots and lots of cutting!!   Where is 'Edward Scissorhands' when you need him? :o))

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. LOVE "Under the Stars"!!! Now that I think of it, I think it is lurking in my UFO tote... If I could just locate the tote under the piles of wool and supplies ;)
    Blessings, Patti

  2. I think I would put a hanging sleeve on your piece and then it could be a wallhangings or a table mat! It looks lovely Paulette.

  3. Love the colors on that piece, would be stunning on the wall, would be stunning as a pillow and if the table had nothing else on it, stunning on a table, lol.


  4. Pillow, gets my vote. Add a little sashing and stuff it! So glad that Thimbleberries came out of retirement! She was my go-to fabric for years.

  5. Who can expect you to press a piece right away when it took so long to get it stitched, right? *LOL* It is a very sweet picture/mat/pillow.
    Ah, you are joining the SAL. Kaaren's quilt is lovely, and you were smart to grab the same fabric. She got it right the first time, no need to muddy the water--or the quilt.

  6. With all your garage sale and thrift store visiting, I don't know how you manage to work on finishing your projects. But you do a good job of it.

  7. Your Under the stars is beautiful! Love the fall colours! Would make a great Wall hanging if you have space.

  8. Love "stop me....", love the fabric, wish I could jump on the wagon, but just can't right now......☹️

  9. Super cute mat/pillow/picture. It will be perfect whatever way you choose to finish it. Yellow and white a great combo for a quilt!

  10. Your wool piece is beautiful, no matter how you use it! Love those fabrics. Kaaren's quilt is gorgeous and I can see why you chose the same fabrics. Have fun playing!