Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Heritage Happenings...

My head is hanging in shame!  I have been remiss in reporting on our Heritage Happenings... I could blame it on using my iPhone as a camera...or I could say that the DOG ate the pictures... But we all know that it's not the phone...and it's sure not the dog (sorry Rylie)'s ME...all ME!  The pictures are THERE...I just need to do it!  So sorry....(insert a sad face here!)  

Ok...better late than never...SEW...on with the show...

I need to explain the next few pictures.  Someone donated this sweet sheep quilt as a charity quilt!  Adorable...but there was lots of discussion among the quilters as to the size of the quilt...It was huge!  Should it be taken apart and made into two children's quilt?  Not sure what was decided BUT it was dang cute!

 I mean how cute is THIS!

At Heritage there is always a quilt set up on a frame...and those wishing to hand quilt can mosey on over for a lesson from the masters!  Their hand quilting is GORGEOUS!

 From here I am going to let you wander through the quilts!  Pour yourself a coffee as there are a ton of pictures!  No comments from me...they are all WONDERFUL!







 Charity quilts...a whack of them!

Whew!  As you can see, it was a VERY productive winter!!  :o))  Thanks ladies for not whipping me with a wet jelly roll!  I will try to be better at reporting on our Heritage Happenings!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh my goodness! Such beautiful, beautiful quilts! Thanks so much for sharing them. I also love the idea of having a quilt set up for hand quilting and lessons from the if only I didn't live 10,000 miles away!! :)

  2. The girls have made a lot of beautiful quilts this year, so much diversity. The sheep quilt is so nice and it would be a cute kids quilt.


  3. As usual, lovely quilts from your friends.

    Because I wasn't able to use your e-mail address, I'm using this forum to comment on Painted Quilt's SAL. You mentioned how iffy it might be finding the perfect "buttery yellow" and I believe I did. You might want to check out Whittle's fabrics. I purchased "butter pecan" by Windham for $5.00 a yard. I was a little leery when I ordered but when it arrived I was very pleased. I think it will work perfectly for the SAL.


  4. Wow--such variety! Lots of fun inspiration here.

  5. Warm quilts and definitely warm hearts.

  6. Beautiful creations! Love the sheep quilt!

  7. Love the felted bag--I have a pattern to knit one of those but you know how it goes--too many projects! Supposed to rain, rain the next few days and I am going to spend those rainy days in my studio!

  8. Those Heritage ladies must do nothing but make quilts. Always so many to see in your posts.
    I see that in one photo there are two ladies quilting on a home made type frame. What is the frame sitting on? I can't see legs of any kind but know there has to be something there.