Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Show Must GO On...and On...and ON...

We are still at the Victoria Guild's Quilt Show...I thought I would wrap up with some of the show's quilts!  Here are a few of my favourites~

The Victoria Quilt Guild is a 'modern' guild so there were, of course,  a lot of 'modern' quilts in the show...Here's a snippet of the modern quilts...

 ...but I was happy to see some more traditional quilts this year!!  Enjoy!

 The quilt below is a Jo Morton quilt and it was stunning...It got my vote for Viewer's Choice!

 A Buggy Barn favourite....

 This was the only wool quilt in the show...a variation of 'Pennies From Heaven', a Gretchen Gibbons quilt...beautifully done!

There was even a Homespun Quilt!!  :o)))

 And a very pretty Winding Way...

 I LOVED this modern Dresden Plate quilt!!

 I also loved this basket quilt...it reminded me of Jen Kingwell's quilts...

 There were several whole cloth quilts...beautifully done!

It was a wonderful show...and this was just a drop in the bucket!  Such a talented and prolific group of quilters!  And they sure know how to host a fantastic Quilt Show!  I loved the way they sold the entry tickets (and helped put on your wrist bands) long before the doors opened!  When the clock struck opening time, we just walked through the doors...no more waiting to pay at the door!  It was like the running of the bulls!  I also really liked and appreciated the live music...a woman with a gorgeous voice and soft ballad type music provided the perfect background music...it was just lovely!  Thank you Victoria Quilters' Guild for another wonderful Quilt Show!  Keep 'em coming and we will keep going!  

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Some lovely quilts Paulette, I also loved the irregular Dresden plate flowers and the basket quilt with the log cabins.

    Thanks for sharing some lovely inspiration.

  2. I hadn't realized the Victoria Guild was a modern guild, but it looks like there was something there for everyone. The log cabin basket quilt was wonderful, my favourite I think. The loot looked good, too. I guess you'll be playing with it for the next few days.

  3. And just when I thought I didn't like modern quilts! These are sensational. I LOVE the frogs!

  4. Beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You picked a wonderful one for your viewers choice vote and I liked the whimsical baskets combined with the log cabin block. Looks like a great show.

  6. Wow! All beauties! The Buggy Barn and Winding Way are my favs. The old ships was a stunner too! Very unique!

  7. s may beauties here and such variety too. I usually go to the Malvern quilt show which is just over a week away but not going this year will miss seeing the quilts but no doubt I will survive!

  8. Beautiful quilts--I really liked the second one with just the "pop" of color against the white background!

  9. Awesome to see the quilts. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing. I love a traditional quilt. You chose well.