Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hands Across the Water 2016...

When you throw 120+ quilters together in the same room, you can't help but have some Quilting FUN!  We had Galiano, Pender and Mayne Island Quilters arrive early...and stay late!

Here are some of this year's highlights...

The tables were set with white tablecloths and then random 'left over orphan blocks', donated by Heritage members, provided a splash of colour and interest to each table! I loved it...each table was different and festive and the solid colour napkins 'told' everyone where to sit.  (eg. Turquoise was Cowichan, pink was Mayne Island and so on),  It was an easy way to get people to mix and mingle while sitting to eat! My favourite was the 'dog' table...above!

 We had an antique sewing machine set up to display the pincushion tied onto the front...this was to demonstrate how the pincushion works.  Everyone took a pincushion home with them (you can see that they were table favours above).  Everyone also took home sweet thread catchers.  The Pincushions and thread catchers were made by Heritage members.

Our members also hung their quilts all around the hall providing a definite 'Quilting Theme'...




Here is the Door Prize Table...TONS of goodies here!  You can see lots of Pat's creations....
 And our raffle prizes....again there were Pat's creations, as well as many other donations!
 We had vendors selling their quilting wares....

Yes, those are Frivols Tins...and three went home at our table!
 There was much visiting and mingling....and each vendor had a mini workshop demonstrating laser cutting machines, rulers and gadgets!

 And after a wonderful luncheon, the island girls had their show and tell!

It sure was difficult taking pictures as the girls were pushed against the wall...

I finally saw an opening and was able to get a bit closer...
This quilt was made with the cutest fabrics....
And this one was created by a master quilter...all hand appliqued and hand quilted!
Loved this summer quilt as it was very dramatic and it sure wowed the audience!
 Do you remember the yo-yo lady from last year?  Well she is still the QUEEN of Yo Yos!!  This years' runner was magnificent...done in shades of blue and navy!

She even had a hand size wee mat!
I sat beside a lady from Galiano...she was new to quilting and working on her first quilt.  Note the BIG stitch quilting!

Yes, the Island quilters put on quite a show for us!  There was the official passing of the banner (Darn..my picture was blurry) which means everyone will be heading to Mayne Island for the festivities next year!  Can't wait!

One last picture before I go...Ok make that TWO more pictures...
 Above are the two favours that came home with me.  As I said, everyone was gifted a thread catcher and a sewing machine pincushion...and these are mine!

And look at the pincushion that I WON!!  haha...I told Pat that I had my eye on any of the wool pincushions that she donated and LOOK at what followed me home!  I LOVE IT!!   It is filled with walnut shells and the leaves open up for your needles...This one is going to sit on the arm of my stitching chair!  Thanks again, Pat!  All of your many donations made for some very happy winners...and there were a lot of us!

And thank YOU, Heritage for making this year's "Hands Across the Water" such a success!  A special THANK YOU goes out to Carol who was our task master!  She wielded a mean whip...(in a good way)...and she got 'er done!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I love that pin keep and needle book. I made one during the Falloween blog hop. Terri from Whimsical Designs shared it back in October 2010! I broke my foot and made it while recovering! Enjoy it and that cute machine one! Looks like a great day.

  2. That looks like such fun and so many beautiful quilts and pieces at the show.


  3. Thank you Pat for all your beautiful donations to Hands Across the Water. I was lucky enough to win the Easter rabbit embroidered pillow and it will be treasured!

  4. Looks like a great annual event.

  5. Beautiful quilts! Love the mini maple leaf quilt and the applique quilt is stunning!

  6. what an amazing time you all had and thanks for ll the lovely quilts you have shared today, lucky to win that pin cushion

  7. Were the random quilt blocks take homes for the guests? A neat idea for table decor.

  8. What a glorious quilty day--and you scored on the pincushion! : )

  9. Thanks for the great day! My first HATW, and looking forward to having you all to Mayne Island next year.
    Thanks for including my quilt in your photos (the nautical pinwheels). Cheers! Rebecca

  10. Wow, can't believe there is that many quilters on the islands. I'll be visiting Pender for the U.S. Memorial Day weekend for a little R&R. Plan on staying at Poet's Cove. It's a beautiful place! Loved seeing your little basket quilt!