Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's In Our Genes...

The other day I had coffee with my QUILTING sister!  Yes, we think the quilting gene must be in our make-up!  Em has been quilting about ten years longer than I have, which can account for her MANY quilts!

I was still in her foyer when I whipped out my iPhone rude...but whatever! :o))  Pour yourself a coffee and then we will check out a few of Em's quilts...

Loved this wee quilt...this one looks VERY familiar...I think I may have the pattern!

This would be a fun one to make...positive and negative leaves!

Above her bed there is this cube quilt...beautifully done...

 ...with a matching diamond quilt at the foot of her bed!  Gorgeous!
 Is this not the perfect quilt for a kitchen!  All paper pieced and hand quilted!

This was another bed quilt...can you see the circles of hand quilting!  Em is a master quilter and has won tons of ribbons for her work!

 This one was in a cupboard...I say get it out, as it is perfect for summer!  So happy!

I love me a basket this not gorgeous!  Look at the stitching!!  

I'm afraid I drooled a bit on this one!

 This one didn't photograph well as it is done in pastels but trust me, it was magnificent...looked like an antique quilt all crinkled, soft and wonderful!  LOVED it!

This was one of the first quilts that Em made and she gifted it to her MIL, who has since passed away.  A nice keepsake and filled with memories...

And this is Em's very first quilt which was a Fence Rail...which was also my first quilt!!  Mine was green...and VERY similar!

 Another lovely quilt...a version of the bear paw!

 This one took Em a few years to complete...
 It's no wonder as it's completely hand pieced and hand quilted!  An heirloom if ever there was one!

 Yup, magnificent!!

 I loved this sampler the softest colours of calicoes....

 A wonderful kaleidoscope...
 This one was machine quilted...One thing that I noticed, ALL of Em's quilts have labels...something that I hope to become better at doing...

This quilt is my favourite!  Em used 30s reproduction fabrics and it is her own design.  
Check out the scalloped edges....and the flange in the center of the border!  Loved that detail!

 Hand quilted...curved edge blocks...
 And big stitches in the flowers...LOVE!!!
 FYI...Em uses a large round hoop when hand quilting.
 I loved the variety of quilts...and it's clear that Em loves batik fabric!

 An appliqued pillow...with prairie point edges!!

 A wonderful old fashion Dresden....doesn't get any better than this!

 These next two quilts are old quilts that came into Em's enjoy and love as only a quilter can!
 Isn't this antique beauty wonderful with the prairie point border and the baptist fan quilting!

 Em tries her hand at everything...Cathedral windows!
 Loved this sweet quilt...
 And a Waterfall Wreath....
 I have the pattern for this quilt!  Nice to see that one of us actually made it!!  :o))
 A little cozy corner in her hubby's office!
 This quilt was hanging in the stairwell...and gets changed out with each season!
 Now we are in the GREAT room...Em's SEWING ROOM!  This is the quilt that she is currently working on!
 Her featherweight (she has another one for sale...) which she uses all the time....

But this is the real command station....:o))

 And the ironing board...don't you love the ironing board pad?!

The sweetest table topper....

 ...and I have to show you the old stove that is in their family room...and YES, it works and keeps them toasty warm in the Winter!
 Em dabbled in fiber arts....
 And she made these two wee quilts which are adorable!

 Applique and piecing at their finest!
 I love the way these snowdrops hang outside the frame...perfect for early spring!
 Paper pieced perfect posies!  Now say that three times FAST!

There was a set!

 These wee quilts were going up the stairs....

 This one was made out of velvets and I loved the richness of it!
Click on this one to see Em's beautiful hand quilting!  It's the icing on the cake!
 Runners...and mats...all sizes and shapes!  Too much to look at!
 Needle work also graces her walls but I think the quilts are winning!! :o)))

 There were more quilts...lots more...but there was also a beautiful view to savour...and humming birds to enjoy while we sipped our coffee and talked quilting!

Geeze... come to think of it, I don't think Em has a UFO cupboard?  I'll have to ask on my next visit.  I have a feeling that that she is a 'get 'er done' kind of quilter...unlike her younger sister! :o}}

Thanks for sharing, Em!  I loved sharing your quilts and will continue to 'revisit' them often!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a lot of eye candy!! Well, done, Em and thanks so much for allowing us to adore it. Thanks Paulette for sharing.

  2. Wow! Your sister is very talented. Thanks so much for sharing her quilts. I've been quilting many years and just recently (last 4 years) got one of my younger sister involved. She's always made clothing but now quilts. I even got her to get a job in a quilt store. It's fun to share a lifestyle with a sibling. Now to convert the other three sisters.

  3. Your sister is a fabulous quilter, Paulette. I love that she's tried her hand at everything. And it looks like not only does she love batiks, but blue is her favourite colour. I also love the old stove. I spent quite a few summers on Lasquiti Island and used a stove very similar. Since there is no power there, the stove was fired up every day, especially if you wanted coffee in the morning.

  4. Looks like a very prolific quilting sister you have in Em! I don't know if I know anyone who has so much of their work on display!

    Looks like a great place to visit have coffee and share ideas.

  5. Wow! So many gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing your sister's beautiful work.

  6. I feel like I have just been to a quilt show!! Does it make anyone else feel like a slacker? : )

  7. Such a fabulous collection, how kind of your sister to show us. She has far reaching talents in all areas!

  8. My, that is a lot of quilts! How lucky you are to be able to "stitch" with your sister. I'm the only quilter in my family although what my sisters and I do together sometimes does rhyme with "stitch"!

  9. Wow! Thank you for sharing your sister's quilts! She is well versed in many techniques!! Gorgeous quilts! It must be in the genes! Love the beautiful stove photo! Do you have an easy go to quilt label?

  10. What a beautiful quilt show you shared!! Her quilts are gorgeous. that must be some mighty fine DNA that you two share!

  11. Em's quilts are beautiful and she does so many types. I also love her view from the porch, i want to live there, lol.


  12. Gorgeous quilts--simply gorgeous!

  13. Thanks for the tour and tell Em that I loved every minute, she's a quilting guru.

  14. Wow! Thanks for the wonderful quilt show today. Your sister is quite accomplished.

  15. Such great variety and all beautifully done. Thanks to both you and your sister. I enjoyed the show.