Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jumping for Joyce!

You meet the nicest people while blogging, you really do!  Take my blogging friend, Joyce....Although Joyce doesn't have a blog, she frequently leaves me the nicest comments!  We have been in touch now for years!

Recently, I shared pictures of the small quilts that grace my quilting daughter's sewing room. While looking at those pictures, Joyce noticed Erin's old scissor collection...all two of them... and decided that she would like to add on to them!   Would you believe that Joyce has mailed Erin her old scissors!  Erin is thrilled and can't believe the kindness of strangers!  I'll be sending pictures of Erin's growing scissor collection after she receives them! Thank you, Joyce!

Joyce just finished stitching two quilts and wanted to show them to me...but you know me!  I can't keep anything to myself!  I have to share them with YOU!!  YES!  BLOG FODDER!

The first quilt is hot off the press and it is gorgeous!!  It's a Fig n' Berry Creations...a quilt designer from Australia!  I hadn't heard of  Fig n' Berry Designs so off I went to check out their website...OMGosh...gorgeous stitchery patterns!!  You can check them out HERE...nice, eh?!

This is the masterpiece that is on Joyce's bed...and it is DDG!!  (Drop Dead Gorgeous!!)  Just beautiful!  Joyce had a quilting friend in Seattle quilt it and man, is she a master at her craft!!!

Make sure that you click on the pictures to enlarge them as the details are wonderful!  Thanks SEW MUCH, Joyce...not just for sharing your quilts (and scissors) but for your friendship!  I really appreciate it!

Hey..FYI... starting THIS FRIDAY, (that's tomorrow!!) the Victoria Quilter's Guild Quilt Show begins!!  If you live on Vancouver Island (or on the Mainland) you should grab your quilting friends and plan on attending! The more the merrier! It's always great fun... and even MORE FUN with a car, bus or boat full of quilters! Ahh yes, the high jinx of a car full of quilters...:o))  

Be there or be in fat quarter!  YES...there are merchants!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!!~P                                  


  1. Joyce's quilts are just lovely and her stitchery is very beautifully done!

  2. Sorry the yellow quilt was quilted by my friend Lynn here in Missouri. The red was a friend in Washington state. Don't want to make any mad, you know how that goes. Thanks Joyce

  3. How exciting for Erin! Enjoy the quilt show! Hope you take pictures!

  4. Quiltland blogging brings about new friendships and joys that I never dreamed of. You found a good friend for sure.

  5. what a lovely quilting friend you have so generous to send the scissors, very talented with the stitching too loving the first quilt and off to check out the link

  6. She is indeed a lovely blogging friend and her quilter did a fabulous job! When our DIL was so ill, she was working on one of those type quilts to give her husband, Michael's son. One day when it was just the two of us, she said, "Janna will you finish this quilt if I die?" Took my breath away for a moment or two then I said, "couldn't you have picked an easier pattern for me to have to finish???" We both had a good laugh--those quilt blocks have yet to be found in all the frantic packing that went on one day--that's another story for another day. We will find them one day.