Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Victoria's Quilters' Guild presents 'Colour in Motion Show' 2016..

Once again the Victoria Quilter's Guild Quilt Show was a huge success!  I mean what's to screw have quilts...lots and lots of quilts, quilt vendors, fabric and tons of quilting 'stuff'!  If that isn't a mixture for success, what is?!  Yes, we had fun!

There is just too much to 'show and tell' in one post...and I do have to milk it, just a wee bit...hopefully get two or maybe even three days worth of blogging out of this annual event!

SEW...let's start with my favourite part of the quilt show...the Heritage section where all of the antique and vintage quilts were on display!  Oh man, they were only complaint was some of them were folded up and NEEDED to be seen!

So pour yourself a java and sit back and enjoy the show....

 OMGosh, someone SCORED big time at a Thrift Shop in Nanaimo!!  Look at this beauty!  I would have loved to have opened this one up!  LOVE IT!!

 So pretty!

 BIG Stitch quilting!!  Love it!

Are you like me...drawn to the old heritage quilts of the past?  There are so many stories behind these wonderful old quilts! I would love to reproduce many of them...or better yet, RESCUE them from a Thrift Shop!  :o))

I need to refill my cup and scroll through these quilts again!  I kick myself for not taking closer shots of the fabrics,  Next time!

Wishing all the mommies 'out there' a VERY Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you get spoiled royally!   I always take this day to celebrate my very best three beautiful daughters! There is nothing in this world that comes close to being a mommy...not even quilting!  Enjoy!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P 


  1. Looks like a lovely collection of heritage quilts.

    We are planning a display at our next quilt show that will have a bed turning. So all the quilts we be seen in their glory!

    Looks like you had a lovely time.

  2. Wow! A beautiful collection of heritage quilts! The Thrft Store rescue and green Nosegay quilts are my favorites! Happy Mother's Day Paulette!

  3. Really can't pick a favorite, but it's nice to see so many treasured pieces. It's sad to see such lovely ones with no identification as to who the maker was. I'm always nagging my friends to label their quilts. No quilt maker should be "unknown".

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you too. Loved seeing the quilts

  5. An absolute treasure trove of vintage goodness! This is what warms my quilting heart!

  6. what a wonderful collection such a shame though they were not fully open, mind yo there would have been fewer quilts then so I suppose it was best done this way

  7. That's a lot of eye candy for a Monday!