Friday, May 13, 2016

The Piano Garden...

I LOVE it when my Blog Readers send me pictures of their finished...or even WIP... quilts!  It means I get to sit back, pour myself a coffee and enjoy YOUR work!

This week, Blog Reader, Kristy sent me pictures of her finished quilt, 'The Piano Garden' and it is DDG!!  (drop dead gorgeous!)  It's going to be a gift for her retiring piano teacher of 15 years!  
Here's what Kristy wrote about the quilt....

Some details about the quilt. I designed it for our piano teacher of 15 years. She retired and asked me to make her a quilt. I got my inspiration from Teresa Rawson's Piano Baltimore Rhapsody Rose Garden Piano Pattern. I took her pianodesign and enlarged it to fit in my design. She was very gracious and let me enlarge it. I started from boxes of pianoterms to putting the piano in the center to finally breaking free the music that was in that piano. Then I wanted some color and decided that roses would be the way to get them. I then took those music terms and put them on vines. I wanted thepiano key border and had fun measuring to find out the dimensions for the keys. 

I learned so much designing and making this quilt I wanted dimension and got it through hand stitching the roses and using pearl cotton for the staff and keys. I was so scared to quilt it! I decided to follow the waves of the staff and then thought, how about echo quilting? I can do that on my domestic machine. It worked, though at first, I wasn't sure at all! I am really pleased that it came out as I had hoped. Now to give it away!  

Here's Kristy's quilt....MAGNIFICENT!!

 Bravo!  Bravo!!!

And the label!!  

Yup...Kristy gets a standing ovation for this quilt!

(Yowzer...notice...Kristy has SIX kids!!  Kristy deserves a special quilt...with World's Best MOM stitched on the front!!!) 

I hope that Judy is sitting down when Kristy present her with this wonderful token of appreciation!  It is clearly a labour of love to a much appreciated and honoured music teacher!  Well done, Kristy!  An appropriate and thoughtful way to commemorate a life of teaching piano lessons!!

Here is the original pattern, designed by Teresa Rawson...See the piano in the upper right corner.  That is what Kristy started with....!  

Thank you so much for sharing, Kristy!!  This is proof, that when you put needle and thread to the fabric, anything is possible!  Well done!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow! I am very impressed with this quilt, it surely is a job well done! Kristy, kudos to you, girl, brilliant!!!

  2. The piano key border is perfect for the grand piano quilt.

  3. Thank you so much Paulette for your kind words and wonderful post. You inspire us all and I know that it is from your encouraging words along the way that I finally finished this! Thank you for your blog that allows us to share our accomplishments along with yours. You made my day. K-

  4. Lovely job Kristy, I'm sure Judy will appreciate this heartfelt gift.

  5. Those are beautiful quilts and such beautiful appliqué work.


  6. Truly a work of art! Beautiful quilting and applique!

  7. A remarkable quilt - and how creative to take an appliqued block and expand on it - beautifully done!